What is PickFu?

Better than any coffee shop survey, PickFu gets you real feedback from the general public - instantly.

Set up a poll in one minute, and PickFu gets you 50 responses within minutes, complete with written explanations and demographic breakdowns.

PickFu brings the wisdom of the crowd to your business ideas, logos, designs, and anything else that needs unbiased feedback.

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How PickFu Helps Validate Your Idea During Startup Weekend

PickFu Examples and Use Cases

Before you sink costly resources into developing your idea, let PickFu's audience polls help you make data-driven decisions grow your business intelligently.


Validate your assumptions and test your hypotheses using the Lean Startup methodology.

Product Designers

Get feedback on UI mockups and design ideas before going live in front of your own audience.


Test drive advertising copy and marketing slogans across a diverse population.

App Developers

Pick the most enticing app icon design.

Competitive Analysis

Compare your branding against your competition.

PickFu Makes Idea Validation Easy & Quick

1-Minute Setup

Just write one question and two answer options and your poll is ready to go.

We Bring The Respondents

Our poll-takers match US demographics, so you get balanced, unbiased results.

Quick Results in Hours

Keep iterating on your project throughout the day as you instantly get feedback you can use.

Fresh Perspective

Get an objective third-party point-of-view on your business decisions.


Learn the why behind each response and make better decisions going forward.

Demographic Info

Slice and dice responses by age, gender, ethnicity, income, education.

Proudly Used At Many Startup Weekends