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Get Real Feedback From Real People

Give your book an unfair advantage. Test before you publish, and let our audience polls help you make data-driven decisions to make your book stand out.

Book Covers

Instant feedback to choose your perfect book cover.

Book Descriptions

Test book titles and covers before publishing.

Book Titles

Pick the most enticing title.

Start optimizing your book with audience driven data today.

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Current Ways To Test Market Your Book Options

Ask Friends & Family

Send an email to your friends and family with the different book options and ask for their feedback.

Buy Ads

Create a Google Ad or Facebook Ad for all the different book options and see which one has the highest click-through rate (CTR).

Trust Your Gut

It's your baby. Which one feels right?

Or Use PickFu!

PickFu gets you the same quantitative and unbiased results as buying expensive ads, but much faster and without any of the hassle of trying to figure out how to setup the ads. As a bonus, you get written qualitative feedback you can use to further iterate on your designs.

Armed with this data, you will have the confidence to choose the best book option.




How PickFu Compares

Friends & Family
Buying Ads
Your Gut
Definitive Quantitative Result
Qualitative Actionable Feedback
Fast Turnaround
Unbiased & Anonymous
Large Representative Audience

Start optimizing your book with audience driven data today.

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Why use PickFu for your book marketing?

1-Minute Setup

Just write one question and two answer options and your poll is ready to go.

We Bring The Responders

Our poll-takers match US demographics, so you get balanced, unbiased results.

Quick Results in Hours

Keep iterating on your project throughout the day as you instantly get feedback you can use.

Fresh Perspective

Get an objective third-party point-of-view on your business decisions.


Learn the why behind each response and make better decisions going forward.

Demographic Info

Slice and dice responses by age, gender, ethnicity, income, education.

Start optimizing your book with audience driven data today.

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