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How interested will users be in my mobile app for hikers?

Whether you have a napkin sketch or are preparing to sell your app idea to investors, testing your app idea for market fit is a crucial early step that will save you time and money. After all, there are hundreds of apps releasing every day on the App Store. It takes more than a fun-sounding concept and catchy visuals to stand out and have a successful launch.

How to test your mobile app idea

Here’s how to test and validate your idea at different stages in the app idea development process.

If you are narrowing down ideas, a PickFu Ranked poll can help you identify the most interesting option for your target audience.

Once you've decided on an idea to pursue, a PickFu Star Rating poll, in which respondents rate an idea or asset on a 1-5 star scale, is a great way to spot gaps in existing apps so you can make yours better.

You can also use Star Rating polls to test assets like screenshots or your video trailer to ensure that you're communicating your app idea effectively.

While some apps achieve universal appeal, they were initially niche. That's why it's important to test your mobile app ideas with a target audience of early adopters, the most important group for new apps.

About this app idea poll

This Star Rating poll for a trail companion app illustrates the benefits of testing a single option (also known as monadic testing) with early adopters. It asked 50 hikers to rate from 1-5 how interested they would be in the app based on a short trailer showing some of its features.

The results were generally positive, with an average of 4 out of 5 stars. Respondents were particularly intrigued by the trail maps and how the app could help families more safely navigate new areas. However, many also noted that the app seemed to be for new or casual hikers who need more assistance, and less useful for advanced hikers.

Given the feedback, this app developer could choose to integrate advanced hiking features or more strongly target novice hikers. Either way, having these early insights helps avoid costly relaunches or time lost on unnecessary features.

Every PickFu poll includes written comments from each respondent. Combined with star ratings, use them to guide you in developing an app idea that will stand out in the competitive mobile apps industry.

Assuming a reasonable price, how interested would you be in using the app described in the video where 1 star is the least interested and 5 stars is the most? Please briefly explain your answer.

50 people answered this 1 options Open-Ended poll in 3 hours and 27 minutes.

Selected responses:
It's an interesting idea for an app, and I say that as someone that likes natural hikes and similar outings. The idea itself sounds promising, and at a reasonable price, I'd be very interested. However, there's one obvious issue with this app that I'd absolutely have to know more about before buying into it. That would be the obvious need to have wireless access to take advantage of it, which seems suspect since a lot of the places where you'd use this are, naturally, going to be in rural areas where coverage can be non-existent or spotty. This app would have to have good coverage for it to actually be worth it, and on top of that, it would probably be handy to have a list of destinations that do have coverage so you can check app usage before going. Getting there and finding out post-fact it's of no benefit would be very frustrating.
I grew up on 98 acres of forested land. I can appreciate why people take tours when hiking, but if you're checking you phone repeatedly because of notifications, then you're not really appreciating nature. When someone is talking and providing a tour, it's easier to listen and still see and appreciate nature. Now, if a parent wants their kids to think that they know a lot, they might find this useful. I personally wouldn't recommend it. Instead, I would recommend that the person planning on taking the hike thoroughly research the site beforehand and make note of things they want to point out on the trail. A better app would be one that offers emergency assistance on a trail and warns of emergencies happening as they occur (i.e. predator sightings, weather turning foul, etc). The app would provide an immediate connection to forest rangers or emergency services or perhaps points out locations where hikers can hydrate. That's far more valuable.
This app sounds very useful and I like that it works even without service. That is a big game changer. The idea is also very sound too. I've gone hiking a lot in the past and always wondered about what I was encountering or what was around the bend. There was a big knowledge gap between me and those who had hiked the trail before or knew more of the history. So having an app that filled me in would be fantastic. The only downside I can see is maybe it giving too much information. Or if it was too active. Part of the beauty of nature is enjoying it and being disconnected so that is why I had to give it only 4 stars. It is very close to being a 5 and I'd be glad to use this app anytime I went hiking. Based on the video it appears to be high quality, functional, and competent. I couldn't ask for more in a trail guide app.

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