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Which color scheme should I choose for my mobile app?

Mobile app development involves countless decisions. Even after you've designed the perfect App Store icon and used app optimization tips to ensure that your app works, other factors affect how users will feel about your app. Choosing a color scheme for your app is one decision not to take lightly or to make on instinct alone. To find the best colors for apps, it’s important to test your options and get user feedback. 

How to pick a mobile app color scheme

It’s well known that colors evoke strong emotions. When choosing your app’s color palette, first decide how you want your users to feel. If you’re developing a mobile game, an orange color palette will help boost user energy. But to set the mood for a high-end shopping app, a monochromatic gray or white color theme might be a better choice.

It’s best to develop a few color themes to find what resonates with your audience. You can work with a designer or use online color palette generators to create new variations.   The next step in choosing a color scheme for your app is to test your variations in a Ranked poll or Head-to-head poll. For best results, choose your target audience from over 90 available targeting traits.  Make sure your app screenshots are identical except for the color palettes. Otherwise, the respondents might compare the wrong things.

About this mobile app color scheme poll

This Head-to-head poll surveyed 50 U.S.-based respondents with a simple question: “What color do you prefer for a sheet music app?” Panelists compared two sets of imagery: one green and one blue. The poll gathered 50 votes and written responses in 37 minutes.   Panelists voted in favor of the blue color scheme by over a 2-to-1 margin. Many mentioned that blue was a calming, pleasant, and familiar color, whereas the shade of green presented was too harsh and bright.   Given the strong preference for the blue color scheme, this one poll might be enough validation for the user to move forward with their app color palette and design. Or it could be the first in a series of tests. The user could create new variations using a different shade of green per the panelists' comments, run more polls, and get additional feedback.

What color do you prefer for a sheet music app?

50 people answered this 2 option Head-to-Head poll in 37 minutes.

Selected responses:
The green is nice and bright and something that pops, but it is also really annoying to stare at while trying to play the music. I went with blue because it is soothing and calming, and it still sticks out. To the user, they will be able to easily discern the notes without the annoying neon green sticking in their mind too much.
I prefer B because blue is far less abrasive to view. Typically if I am reading sheet music, it will be for prolonged periods so I would select anything that was the least taxing on my eyes as well as the least distracting.
I'm more attracted to the green version that I am with the blue. The blue seems to be somewhat common and I feel that green is a bit more unusual, which is ideal for marketing and display.

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