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Which honey bottle design do shoppers like better?

A product’s unique packaging can prompt an e-commerce shopper to add that item to their cart. Whether your product comes in a box or a bottle, there’s plenty of opportunity to make it stand out. How do you choose a product bottle design that you know will grab your customers’ attention? One of the most effective ways is to test different designs and see which one consumers prefer.

How to test your product design

Concept testing before you develop a product will save you time and money. Testing product photos will help you conceptualize its packaging design.

You can start the packaging design testing process by running a simple Head-To-Head poll comparing photos of two designs to learn which would be more effective packaging for your product. If you want to compare three or more product packaging designs — yours and your competitors’, for example — run a Ranked poll with your target audience. Respondents rank them in order of preference and provide comments to help you narrow down your options.

Want to see which part of your packaging design is most or least appealing and why? Set up a Click Test, which captures respondents’ clicks on your product image. When you see which areas grab their attention and in what order, you’ll know how to improve your design.

Packaging tests can also help guide your choice of bottle color, shape, font size, and font color for your product packaging.

About this honey bottle design test

This Head-To-Head poll comparing two honey bottles, Nature Nate’s Honey Co. (Option A) and Carmichael’s Honey (Option B), is a good example of competitive analysis. The poll asks 50 U.S.-based consumers which product bottle design is "most aesthetically pleasing.”

62% of respondents chose Option B. Respondents said Carmichael’s yellow label and cap stand out compared to Nature Nate’s red color scheme, which blends in with the honey itself. Both are bold colors, but as some people wrote, yellow “pops.”

Reading through the comments, it’s worth noting that respondents on both sides focused on the color of the label, not the bottle design itself. A follow-up poll that adds context to the poll question — for example, instructions to look at the bottle shape — might provide more relevant feedback to help you choose the best bottle design.

Every PickFu poll includes written comments and demographic reports of respondents so you can do a deeper analysis to better understand and identify customer needs.

Which product bottle design do you prefer the most for a honey product? (Which is the most aesthetically pleasing?)

50 people answered this 2 option Head-to-Head poll in 21 minutes.

Selected responses:
I strongly prefer the option B product image because I like the bright yellow color of the product label and the cute bee illustration shown on this product label the most, and I like the color of the option B honey the most.
I think the red label looks better than yellow. It matches better with the color of the honey. It almost makes it seem like it would have a little bit of heat to it which is something that would be appealing
I prefer Option A as my first choice. It is more appealing as a shape and also the label. It's attractive, looks easy to grip and has a effortless look that's effective and likeable.

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