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How does product packaging influence consumer behavior?

A product with unique packaging helps it stand out on the digital shelf. But does the packaging give e-commerce shoppers enough information — and the right information — to click? If you’re not sure how your product packaging influences consumer behavior, or if it’s having any impact at all, it’s time to test your packaging design.

How to test and improve your packaging design

Run a Ranked poll to narrow down your unique packaging ideas based on what your target audience prefers. A two-option Head-To-Head poll will help you work out design details such as logo placement, color scheme, and font style of your product label.

Another package design test to run if your end goal is digital shelf optimization is a PickFu Click Test. A Click Test produces a heatmap of respondents’ clicks on an image — up to 10 clicks per respondent. You also get written comments from each person, which give you a complete picture of how effective your packaging is or isn’t.

The first step in setting up your Click Test is to decide the action you want your audience to take. For example, ask them to click on the areas of your product photo that get their attention first. Then, select the number of clicks allowed per person and your audience size.

You’ll get a heatmap showing the “hotspots” where respondents clicked and in what order. Drag and release your cursor to select a cluster, get a click count for that cluster, and read the comments.

About this Click Test for instant noodle packaging

This Click Test puts a colorful package of instant ramen noodles under the microscope. It asks 50 respondents which area of the packaging they would remove “to make it more simple.”

An image of a bowl of noodles takes up much of the package. The brand name is on the upper left. In the lower-left corner, the words “Special Chicken Flavor” appear in large type above more text in four other languages.

One glance at the heatmap and it’s clear where the problem is. The hottest spot, a cluster of 22 clicks, is around the “Special Chicken Flavor” text. Several respondents said there's too much text, which adds confusion and clutter. “If you’re going to add so many languages, make the font smaller,” one person wrote. Others pointed out the redundancy of the phrases “Instant Noodles” and “Soup Noodles” on the package.

If you’re the e-commerce seller of these noodles, use the results of this Click Test to simplify your packaging with fewer words and smaller font, then test again. 

You might learn that the most enticing food packaging speaks for itself.

What areas of this instant noodle product packaging would you remove to make it more simple?

50 people answered this 1 options Click Test poll in 24 minutes.

Selected responses:
This area is too busy. I think most people understand the ingredients in ramen soup, I don't think the included item photos are necessary. Plus - those things aren't even in the actual soup you're buying.
I don't think most people would even look or understand what this particular section really means. It is chicken noodles. They are instant noodles. It doesn't need to be complicated, This information could be put on the back of the package.
Separating the image from the word and the banner type icon where it says "instant noodles" right where I put the click at. It's overcrowded overwhelming and it's just way too much. Even making the image smaller and separating it would make a tremendous difference

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