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 Nov 1, 2017

As a landlord looking for a tenant, would you pay $10-$20 when listing your property to use a platform which provided easy to use (but configurable) application, screening, automated appointment scheduling, and paperwork/signing features?

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Bonus: What's the aspect of being a landlord that you would MOST like to see automated, or addressed by a piece of software/application?

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Yes. That is pretty cheap for all that stuff to be taken care of easily
this sounds pretty helpful and sounds like a reasonable price for that service.
I would use it because it would save me time.
If the software provided a user friendly platform for both the landlord and the tenant then the $10 to $20 fee would be worth it if it were a one time cost.
I do not think I would. I think that the process would not be as fine tuned and emotion based as I would want it to be when researching tenants.
Yes, it seems like a fair price.
I would want clerical work and paperwork to be automated. I would probably prefer a cheaper service, but that isn't a bad price.
Probably not. I could do all these things myself.
I would be willing to pay for such a platform. I would most like to see an automated background/reference/credit check for the applicant.
I think an easy to use service that allowed automation would be incredibly useful to a landlord. Whether or not its worth $10-$20 a month really depends on how many properties a landlord has. For one, it might not be worth it but for multiple it would. I think a landlord would most want background checks to be automated. Thats a huge, vital piece of info.
Yes, I think that would be so great and what a time saver, you could also weed out prospects that were not a right fit for your property.
Yes. It is a small amount to pay for something that can save so much time. Appointment scheduling and a paperwork checklist would be the most helpful.
Yes, because that would be a reasonable amount to automate the paperwork. Screening would be the most helpful part of this. Second would be the paperwork and signing features, to have everything organized and in place.
Pictures of the property, school zones, estimated bills
Yes, but if it would run a credit check and a background felony/litigation check it would be even more worth it.
I would since most of the features cut down on costs and time for myself. I feel like renter or tenant history would be huge with an application like this. To see information like this would be huge.
NO - I'm sick of being charged for worthless trash
Yes, I would use a platform such as this for between $10-$20.Bonus: Generate a property condition report that show preexisting wear and tear and damages with photos per area. Such as applicanes, flooring, etc.
Yes, an application like the one described above sounds like it would be worth the fee. I'm not a landlord, but I've considered becoming one. A pay-your-rent application for tenants might be helpful as well.
Yes, I would be willing to pay $10-20 for a platform that would do all that and make my life easier. Especially automating the application process.
Yes, that is a reasonable price for the convenience of having it. Automated background screen and income verification.
I'd rather do the work myself or with free software and save the money
Scheduling move out times
I would definitely pay the $10-$20 to use it. It would make my listing process and finding a new tenant much easier.
Yes, I would utilize the platform. The aspect I would most like to see automated would be the screening and reference check process; as well as appointment scheduling for seeing the properties.
No, I think most of these features at redundant and unnecessary. The value for money is not there with these.
This sounds intriguing, but is that a monthly fee or just upon listing?
Everything to be honest
I would, I'm sure that would save money over using manpower for all of that.
depends on how many units I owned. Worth it as a per listing price if I did this a few times a year but not for many times a month,
I might use it if it made the process easier for others. I would be concerned as to whether the person applying has to pay a fee also for the screening process and such.
Yes I would. I this would be very helpful and a huge time saver. It is very time consuming to do these tasks and I would like some kind of help with it. This sounds very helpful and worth it but I would only pay about $10 maximum.What I would like to see most automated is credit checks, if the person is a convicted criminal and previous address history.
Yes, $10-$20 is not much and would make it easier to find a tenant. As a landlord, I would want a thorough screening process to save time on tenants with conflicts.
I would definitely pay up to $20 to use something like that as long as it was a secure and professional website. I think the application and paperwork signing features would be most useful.
Yes- I think that would make the whole process a lot easier and less stressful. The part that would be most helpful to be automated would be screening people and weeding out people with a history of not paying/paying late.
Probably yes. I mean, it saves a lot of time and work and you're probably paying for your listing anyways. On the other hand though, how reliable would this app be?
Yes as a landlord I would prefer to pay good money for a platform that will check backgrounds and make appointments for me, so I could take the guess work out of that part of my job. I would mostly like to see just my scheduling and appointments animated in a system that would just send me notifications of what and who is next to deal with.
Yes, I would be interested in this system. I would most like a screening system that would verify the income and do a credit check on potential renters, this would be the most beneficial because I would be able to know that the renter could actually afford my listing.
Yes, I think it would be an excellent tool to keep things organized and track applicants as well as automate some tedious processes. My favorite part would be the ability to keep information in a consolidated place.
Yes, I would use a service like this and pay that price for it. I think for that price, it would certainly be worth the time it would save me by making the process simple and easy to keep track of in one place.
Yes, that's a small price to pay to take care of all that work.
Yes, that seems like it would well be worth the value. it would save a lot of time and energy
I would pay for this service, it sounds useful and the cost is reasonable. The screening process is the one feature that I'd most like to use.
Absolutely. The scheduling and screening aspect is so time consuming that an application that does it for you is worth double that. The aspect I would most like to see automated is pre screening for employment history/credit checking. Get rid of 80% of bad candidates without having to invest any time or work.
Yes, I think I would because it would seem to make the renting process easier for a relatively small fee.
I think I might, given how well it worked. I think the thing I'd most want automated is some sort of screening process, to help me determine if the people applying met the criteria I was searching for in a tenant.
Yes, I'd want to screen possible tenants as much as possible to try to find the right fit for me.
I would like to see the coordination of deposits as well as move in dates and times.
Something that will allow me to screen candidates sounds amazing! It would be even more amazing if it automated the rent deposits.
Absolutely. Each of those features would provide both myself (as landlord) and potential tenants to complete an occasionally awkward task in the comfort of our own homes.
yes, if it really worked as intended and wasn't a pain to use
I would use a program like this if it also included background checks.
Yes, it would be worth it to get the unit occupied and rented. Automated background and credit checks with the application would be most helpful. Having prospective renters prequalified would cut down on showings and interviews that will never work out.
I guess I would need to see user reviews first and see how well it works for everyone, both the landlords and tenants. And is the price monthly? Yearly? A one time payment? Depending on how good it is, I would considered the monthly or yearly payments. But I'm always wary of the subscription form of service.
It seems like it would be beneficial and would save money in the end. I would need to make sure that it actually was beneficial before making a commitment.
I think I would check it out, and see what people think about it. Then, I would try it.
I actually am a landlord, so this feature does sound appealing to me. I do not like the monotony of having to find tenants and sending late notices. An automated system would be great.
Yes because it would take some work away from me. It would give me a platform for my work. That amount of money is not too much for all the help
I would definitely pay for the platform. It is not expensive, and it would help me with organization and make the whole process easier. The time I would save would be worth the cost to me.
Definitely. Seems a small price to pay for all of those features - a HUGE timesaver. The best automated feature, I would think, would be the screening, since it would eliminate those unqualified for the unit and save the landlord from spending so much time trying to "read" the prospective tenant. I think that feature would have saved me one time when a tenant's "shiftyness" did not show up on my screening and background checks.
Yes, I would pay for a service like this. Automating these features would make being a landlord much easier when looking for a tenant.
Yes, but only the months I'm listing. I would like service issues automated. A request sent and then the landlord can review it.
I think so; it sounds like it could conceivably save enough time/hassle to be worth it.
Seems like it would simplify the application process and would be worth a nominal amount of money
Yes, I would because it would save me that much in time and hassle. It would also be nice to be able to accept payments electronically without being a business.
Maybe. If I were a landlord looking for a quality tenant, this might be a service worth considering if it reviewed well and delivered what it promised.
Yes, I think such a service would be well worth the price. It is important to have the tools to get the best tenants. The thing I, as a landlord, would like to see automated would be a past rental history of a prospective tenant.
I don't think this would be for me. Being a landlord would be a huge responsibility - I would want to take care of most of these things myself. i would use this app if it helped, not replaced, my own work.
That honestly sounds like a great idea, and I would happily pay $10-20 to use that platform.
I might pay for it if it would save me many hours of time. If it made the background check and screening faster, it might be worth it.I would most want to see the background check addressed by software.
I would want to know if the prospective tenants have been evicted or didn't pay their rent in the past.
Of course, background checks and credit checks would be perfect, those two automated and addressed would be perfect.
Tenant complaint management via a ticket system that tracks complaints.
I would because the process of finding a good tenant seems like a stressful process. I feel like if the platform would also charge prospective tenants to sign up it would weed out some of the less responsible tenants. Also if there was some kind of guarantee associated it would make renting less scary.If the employment verification process were automated it would make for an easier process. While it seems easy, verifying employment can sometimes lead to multiple phone calls and countless hours. I have tried verifying employment for other reason and it is difficult with all the privacy restrictions.
yes. if the app handles it, I do not need to do it manually.
I probably would not pay this because no matter what I would want to know who was living in my property and do it myself.
No, I think I would like to do all of that myself.
I would want any criminal background checks,prior Landlord statements if any
I would use this program if I was looking for a new tenant. I would want a portion of the application that would enable me to contact former landlords of any potential client. I know that there are times when a person credit may be good, but they are terrible tenants.
It would depend on the property, honestly. If it was a high end home, then yes, definitely. Screening would be a major plus, if it included credit scores, references, and previous history with other landlords.
Possibly, but I'd need a better incentive. Actually, what would work better is if tenants or landlords could workout a service where people whom have an established credit rating and renting history can rent at a discounted price just as credit companies give out lower APRs.
I would like to but honestly I would not use the platform as I would not want anything to be construed in the wrong way
To make sure that the message reaches out to many people.
Yes. That sounds like a great idea that would virtually pay for itself.
I would probably pay $10-20 to use a platform if the platform made it easier and quicker for me to process information. I would like to see the screening process automated to make it easier to find reliable and responsible tenants.
I probably would, having everything online, especially applications, would be easier to look through applicants and rent my property quicker to the right person.
Yes I would because I think it would bring in more applicants and provide ease to the whole process. I think having the application process automated would be best
I would very much like screening automated if I were still landlording and I would absolutely pay 10-20 for software that did these things
Since it would make the whole process easier and add additional organization to the whole process, I would. As a landlord, I'd like the app to also be able to check criminal history of applicants.
I might pay $10 - but pushing up to the $20 would be a little high, especially if I had several properties to list. The paperwork signing feature doesn't really excite me. But I think it would be VERY helpful to have automated Screening (I'm assuming Background and credit check options).
Yes I would use this. As a landlord, I don't have the time to sit and read through all the applications. I also don't have time to call another company to do screenings. I would use this service because it would save me the time and headache of doing it all myself. I would most like the software to set up appointment scheduling and screening. That would be the thing that would save me the most time.
I would pay that much so that way they know there are getting quality tenants which will bring me more money in the long run
I will not pay this amount of money if less that means $5 then OK.
sure, i can just raise my rent that much in return
Yes I would definitely be willing to pay that price for a program like that as it sounds like it would be extremely helpful
Yes, that sounds like a bargain to make the process a lot easier.
Inwouls only use this feature if it were popular with tenants or applicants, and if the cost were cheaper than handling those steps regularly are. The aspect of being a landlord that would be best automated would be rent collection. It would be better to permit internet transactions instead of relying on checks, which take too long to clear.
Automatic credit check.
Yes. Most people nowadays use online applications. It may be more benefical to have this feature and speed up the process of renting
No, because I wouldn't want to reject a lot of people. I would rather help people than reject them. I think what would be better is an app for collecting rent.
Yes, I would be willing to pay $10 to $20 to list my property on a platform that provides an application that I could configure to contain the information I need to obtain. It would also be good to have the screening and the paperwork and signing features. I would like to know more about the automated appointment scheduling, if I am able to enter in the times I am available and then the potential tenant chooses from one of those. I would also like to know if the platform would work on an iPad or tablet so that the paperwork could be signed anywhere WiFi is available.
I would if I was comfortable with my income level.
Absolutely, I feel as though that would take a majority of the stress off of my already burdened shoulders. It could completely streamline the process too.
Hard to say. On paper the service sounds great. I would need more information as well as see how the platform performs.
I think I would as the time saved would pay for this service. The part I would like to see most automated would be monthly payments, done online, all managed.
Yes, $10-$20 is a bargain to pay a platform if it includes screening (of one's credit report). Credit report screening itself costs $25.
I would pay that much as long as it would make finding a a tenant much easier. I would also like payments by the tenant to be automated as well.
Yes, I would definitely use the a platform for $10-20 dollars because doing the application screening and credit check itself will cost around $20 dollars and this is not much for small fee. I like the automated appointment scheduling since it is a bit of hassle to make schedule appointment over the phone or texting. If they already had a program like this one, I don't have to spend too much time scheduling. Paperwork /signing features are nice, too since I already do the sign online anyways. All those features are included in one program or service is very nice.
No I would be worried that not enough tenants would be using it to make it worthwhile. I think I would be relying on multiple listings.
yes - it would make my life as a landlord much easier because I really don't have the time or energy to deal with the paperwork
I would pay this - as a landlord I totally hate having to deal with tenants and their paperwork. If this helped me get that part done I would love using it.
No, as landlords abound. As a renter, I'm not paying for that.t
Automated appointment is the best . You can save time and it more accurate.
Yes, relative to the value of rent for a year, 10-20 is nothing
Yes, because it would make the process of trying to find tenants much easier. The price seems reasonable to me for such a service.
Yes, I would hope that this platform would really help me find a decent tenant. I would expect that the tenant would have to apply and use the platform on the renters end too. I would like to see some kind of background check or history about the tenant as far as their renting is concerned.
I would probably just do the application process myself and save it. I'd like to see the court claims automated i.e telling me what filings I need to do when I have an eviction claim on security etc.
Configurable is important here, easy to use often means basic, and I'd rather have powerful features like credit score and past rental details. Bonus: I'd like to have a way to automatically vet applicants ability to pay and collect deposits in a fair way.
No - I feel like there's so many free options that it would be un-necessary to pay for such a service.
Yes, a have several rental properly and doing all those task is time consuming. Paperwork signing would be perfect, it take time out of both parties day to do something so simple, however, it should also include paying deposit and first month rent at the same time or at least the option when pay
Yes, as a landlord I would like to have as much automated as possible. I think paying a little extra would be worth it for all of those features. One other thing I would like addressed would be anything to do with money - the ability to pay a security deposit or rent automatically each month.
THis price seems very reasonable. I think people would be nervous of reaching out when payments are past due, etc, so a text payment reminder service or warning when payment is late would be helpful
I would definitely do this because my time is worth more than money and this would save me a lot of time. Relative to the bonus question, the process I would like most automated is the filing of the paperwork
Yes. I am actually a landlord. I would use this for the removal of headaches for me. Most I would like the vetting of applicants.
Yes I would use this to make the process easier. I think the screening process is what would be most useful to be automated, as this is the most time consuming part of vetting a tenant.
Yes because that would save me a lot of time and hassle coming up with that on my own.
I like the platform for application and screening, especially screening as I find that aspect of being a landlord extremely time consuming. Paperwork signing is an added benefit, but I like to scan original documents, so the paperwork/signing features would save me printer ink & paper as well as scanning time. I would most like to see the billing of rent and collection of said rent totally automated in one program, I think that would be a huge time saver instead of sending mail or emails and then waiting for checks in the mail or paypal emails. If all tenant related activities could be in one program that would be a huge time saver and organizational help!
If it was a one-time fee, I would do so.
A thorough and reliable screening process would be useful because that aspect can be a minefield for landlords.
Yes - the aspect I would most like to see automated would be the screening. It would be very useful to have potential renters pre-vetted prior to proceeding with the process
That sounds like a good idea. It sould eliminate some of the hassle.
I may be interested, of course would read testimonials. I think it would be great to help with the application and of course screening of all potential tenant.
not if I already had my own system. You woould have to provide something I DON'T already have.
Yes!! I am pretty organized but this makes it seem like it would take orgnzing to a whole new level. Just that it would automate appointment scheduling would free up time and it screens through applicants. It sounds great!
I think having all the services above would be worth paying a fee for. The biggest asset of these listed would be the screening of the applicant. That would save time and precious resources to have the people accurately screened.
Yes I would utilize anything that made my job easier! $10-$20 seems fair and reasonable. I would MOST pay for tenant screening because I wouldnt want to accept a tenant with a poor history or someone that wouldnt work out and cost me money in the end.
Defenetly, sound like less problems for such a low payment
I would pay to have automated application, screening, and scheduling features, but I would not have automated online paperwork/signing features because this is best done in person. I would most like to have an all-in-one automated place where new tenants can arrange for all utility hook-up, since this is a very time-consuming process.
Yes, if I️ could automatically screen my prosepective tenants for their backgrounds and credit scores, I️ would do it. It’s a tedious and long process and costly too if you want to do many
Yes, it would make trying to find a tenant easier at a low cost.
I would not pay because there are so many free apps that can do that already.
Yes, I would use the service. It would create a useful service that could increase the likelihood of good applicants. Also, it would help to increase the speed of the finishing process.
That sounds like a reasonable price for streamlining the process, so yes, I would pay for that (especially if I wasn't planning to offer enough rentals to develop a process myself). I don't know anything about being a landlord, but it sounds like either screening or paperwork for the rental agreement would be the most helpful to have automated.
No; I could do much of that on my own with free mothods.
Yes, it would be well worth the fee. I would also want a platform that allowed me to enter the different units in my property group and be able to toggle them as occupied or becoming vacant on (date). The platform would then allow a prospective tenant to see what units will be available, the rent, and any other information provided by the landlord, such as pictures of the unit, amenities, etc.
I would but only if it also did background checks, I would be willing to pay a little bit more if background checks were integrated into this
Anything to make the process a bit more streamlined is worth a few bucks. I'd like a system generated letter sent to an interested tenant regarding rules, lease, credit check, etc.
I would because it would give peace of mind that this would be a good tenant. I may even include that in a sign up fee.
More than likely yes. It would simplify my search and put everything in one place neat and organized
I would use it if I thought it made my properties easier to rent out. As in, more people would show interest. Bonus: I think the signing features would save the most time, so they would be the most appealing.
I would say keeping track of rent payments
10 dollars is reasonable
Yes, absolutely. It is good to have all of that in one location. Rent reminders that were automated would be great.
Yes I would pay for that because it would free up valuable time to work on repairs and other maintenance tasks. Also the prescreening would be awesome to clear potential renters as for credit and background checks.
Yes I absolutely would. The longer a property sits empty, the less money I would make as a landlord. So if I can pay $10 - $20 and it gives me the opportunity to fill a vacancy even just a week sooner that I would have otherwise, I'll end up making more than I spent. As for what aspect of a landlord I think would be most useful to automate, I would say an app that allows tenants to make requests for repairs might be the most useful thing.
Yes, i think it's a reasonable price.
Yes, I think I would use such software. I would like to see software designed for a landlord actually being their own business and to keep track of all the tax implications.
no - I would prefer to do these tasks myself and be able to get a 'feel' for tenant applications, rather than automating them. If there's anything I'd want to see automated, it would be things like payment reminders, late fee adds, and other finance-related items.
I would pay this as a one-time fee each time I listed a property, but it seems unnecessary - all of these features are available elsewhere and separately for free, if I want them automated, and wouldn't it make more sense to see the person in real life before having them come in and live on your property. This seems like something that isn't needed, but really more like an application that is looking for someone who might want to use it.
Absolutely! The features I would take advantage of would be the application and screening. That is so important and time consuming in finding the right tenant. I would want to do the appointment scheduling and paperwork signing myself.
I would not use this because I already have office staff to perform these tasks and I trust them more than an application to screen and schedule new tenants. However, paperwork signing through apps like docusign is very useful because of its security and flexibility.
I would pay to use the platform. I like that it can be customized to first me as a landlord. I also think it would be good to use because I feel like I would get a better type of customer who would be interested in my location, instead of simply anyone driving by looking for "for rent " signs on the yard. I would like to see a virtual tour of the property inside and out.
possibly yes. I would need to know how it works and make sure it is worth it to use.
No, these seem like minor inconveniences that aren't worth spending money on. What I would spend money on to have automated is a listing platform that would automatically publicize vacancies on various platforms.
The ability to take the payment automatically each month
It depends how often I would have to pay this fee. Monthly? As a landlord, I think automatic deosit of the tenant's rent to my accounr would be useful.
I would use an application like that I think for $10 it's well worth it I think it's it can you find me one tenant a month faster than I would have found it by myself it's well worth it. I think that's the best thing that it could do for me would be to find me a good quality tenant that isn't going to destroy my room with the qualities that I desire such as no pets
Yes I would, primarilt for the screening aspect. Also, document storage and even a way for tenants to communicate with me regarding reapirs, etc would be worth a monthly charge.
Yes. One of the hardest things about owning rental property is vetting the possible renters. It is hard to find legitimate answers and paying a small fee for such a service would be useful. Further, automated paperwork and help would be great as this is time consuming and one of the parts of the business that most people do not care for.
yes i would like to use this software. it would make the screening process easier and quicker. maybe have a section where i could see their credit score as well so i can weed out the bad applicants that don't meet my criteria. i would also want to see a brief work history, ie, how long they have been with their current employer.
Probably not because I’d want to be hands on myself and know my tenants.
yes. this seems like a bargain. Unless the fee applies to each applicant, then it would be expensive. Bonus: Automated appointment scheduling is what I'd like to see MOST.
The fee seems a little steep but I would be alright with it if it only applied once the contract is signed. If I had to pay the fee each time I posted the listing without finding a tenant, I would refuse this service.
I think that would be worth it to take away the confusion that usually is there with those activities
Yeah, I think that would be really helpful. Seeing a tenants history with rentals would be most helpful is possible.
Yes I would because it would make it easier on everyone to set up appointments and get paperwork. People would not have to travel back and forth between the property and wherever they are.
I would do it if it meant making my day more efficient. I would most like to see application screening automatic. To have the tenant fill out an application and tell immediately whether they qualify prior to doing tours would be a great time saver
For a low amount of money this may be a good idea. Background screening would be a very important aspect.
I think I would. That $10-$20 could save you a lot of money in the long run if you get a good tenant who stays. I think the screening of the applicant would be what I would most like to see as this would be most time consuming and there would be a lot to check. Scheduling an appointment should be easy and signing paperwork would be pretty standard.
Yes, anything to make listing my rental faster and easier.I would most like to have the application pre-screen potential renters based on criteria that I choose...credit history, income, demographics, etc.
Yes, it sounds like a useful and time saving platform
If this was a one time fee I would consider it, not sure if it was a monthly fee. It would depend on my property size and demand.
No. Automated appointment scheduling cannot take into account all factors. There still has to be a credit check. Screening needs to be done in person.
Yes - having all those items in one place would make renting very easy.
no, i don't think that i would pay for that. maybe if i were actually in the situation i would have a change of heart though.
Yes. I would consider paying this. I would also like to see maintenance requests automated as well as ongoing ability to bill/recieve rent payments through online payment tools such as paypal/circle/venmo. etc.
Yes - $10-20 is a small fee to streamline the process and take a lot of work/thought off my plate. Most like to see automated: "pre-approved" potential tenants so I don't have to spend time or money on an additional background check.
Yes as it would make the process much more seamless and you don't have to use physical paper.
yes. I think that would be a good idea as i am currently a landlord. Automated payments made to me, via paypal or similar would be nice so I dont have to chase people down for rent.
I would definitely consider this. I do not think the price to pay is unheard of or impossible for the services the platform would provide all in one place.
Yes I would. This is because as a landlord, I would prefer tenants I can trust. It is hard to judge people, but if this program would make it easier for me that's great. A specific feature I would like automated is a credit report that is broken down into each factor that makes the score important.
Yes, because it would help keep everything even and fair and take a lot less time than meeting with applicants first. This would let me set a time limit and review all scheduling requests and put them all on the same time block, etc. I would like to see credit score in the screening, as well as monthly income and past rent amounts.
I would, as a landlord I am making a profit off of my property that is bigger than $10, so it makes sense to bring more people to try to apply because I would make my money back.
This might get too costly if there were a great number of applicants. In general property in my area moves quickly if the price is competitive so I don't feel this is necessary. I would pass at this price but might consider it at 1-2 dollars.
yes, that stuff is a pain int eh ass
I would definitely use this platform. That is small price to pay to get these automated features. One thing that I would most like to see automated is the screening process because this is where you can learn about the indviduals. You need to make sure you have honest people living in your property.
paperwork is a hassle, so that would be nice to have it automated.
Filing of payments and organized payments
Sure, I would pay for this if it offered all of those things.
I'm not sure that that is worth 10 to 20 dollars, but it would be useful to help set up meetings. I'm currently renting a house and have never had an issue with communication, but I suppose in some instances it could be justified.


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