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Which One Won?

  • Which-one-won-trivia-canada
    Which One Won? Which print book cover design makes customers reach for a book?

    While PickFu is incredibly useful for ebook authors, it’s also a vital testing tool for authors who plan to publish their books in print. One author recently tested four print book cover design options for a book about Canadian facts and trivia. She specifically asked poll respondents which cover they’d pick up in a store. […]

  • Choosing-your-product-logo
    Which One Won? How to match your logo and company name

    Men and women alike are always looking for ways to optimize their health, whether they want to lose weight, get stronger, or ensure they’re getting proper nutrition. When creating a brand around health, it’s especially important to match your logo and company name. Original AllStar, a premium supplement brand, ran this PickFu poll to split test […]

  • A-bold-life-canva-photo
    Which One Won? Conveying boldness in a book cover

    Are you a risk-taker, or do you usually stay away from, say, the edges of cliffs? Do you consider yourself a bold person, someone who radiates confidence? And finally, do you have to live dangerously in order to be bold? One author set out to answer these questions when she created a PickFu poll to […]

  • Which-one-won-text
    Which One Won? How to pick the perfect app name

    Choosing a name for your new mobile game is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Like all business names, a good app name should be easy to say, memorable, and reflective of the game you are creating. You want to hint towards what your game is without being too obvious. Most importantly, the […]

  • Which-one-won-does-an-egg-sell-account-based-marketing-book
    Which One Won? Creative book cover design ideas

    Most business owners are interested in books about marketing. But what if you wrote a book about account-based marketing (ABM) — a strategy in which the standard funnel gets flipped on its head — and wanted it to catch a reader’s attention? You’d need to demonstrate the upside-down nature of ABM through creative book cover […]

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