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3 reasons to ditch your current method (if you even have one)

Trusting your gut is a risky proposition 😰

Sometimes, you just don’t know which product photos to use or what to title your product. So you go with your gut — but that can backfire badly.

Feedback from family & friends is often biased 🙅

Getting feedback from friends and family on different product listings? They're dangerously likely to tell you what you want to hear — and are they even part of your target market?

Buying ads is expensive & time-consuming💰

Creating Google Ads or Facebook Ads for all your different product listings to see which one has the highest click-through rate (CTR) can work… but it’s a hassle to set up correctly. Not to mention expensive.

PickFu Is Faster, Easier, & More Actionable
than Buying Ads

PickFu gets you the same useful, quantitative, and unbiased results as buying expensive ads. The difference is that PickFu polls gather those results much faster, without any of the hassle of confusing ads dashboards or muddled analytics.

As a bonus, PickFu responses include open-ended, written feedback you can use to further iterate on your product listings. Use your qualitative feedback to clarify what users find confusing, address your product's specific benefits, and even as "swipe copy" to improve your product listings.

Your PickFu poll results give you the confidence and the data you need to optimize your product listing effectiveness.

3 Simple Steps to Useful Market Feedback




Mike Jackness

PickFu is like a real-life fortune teller. Just set up a test and it will predict the future for you, saving you a ton of money and aggravation in the process.

Adam Hudson
Reliable Education

PickFu is an outstanding tool for Amazon sellers to quickly and easily split-test almost every aspect of their product and listing. A+

Steve Chou

PickFu is an easy and quick way to test market your new business ideas before committing valuable resources. It's also an affordable way to optimize your e-commerce marketing images and copy before buying ads!

2 Powerful Poll Types to Guide Your Product Decisions
PickFu polls run instantly — so you get results right away

Gather Open-Ended Feedback

Gather Open-Ended Feedback

A PickFu Solo poll gathers written feedback and a rating on 1 item. For example:

  • Describe a concept to see if people would buy it
  • Understand what your market is willing to pay
  • Show an image and see what reactions it provokes
  • Get feedback on your marketing copy

Tally Votes & Collect Explanations

Tally Votes & Collect Explanations

Compare 2 or more items to choose a winner, and allow respondents to explain their choice. (3+ items will run in a Ranked or Head-to-Head round robin format.) You can...

  • Compare product photos & choose the higher-performing one
  • Test different price points
  • Show two versions of a product page & see which appeals more

Get 50 instant poll responses for $50

Less Gut, More Glory

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PickFu vs. What You're Doing Now

Friends & Family
Buying Ads
Your Gut
Definitive Quantitative Result
Friends & Family
Buying Ads
Your Gut
Qualitative Actionable Feedback
Friends & Family
Buying Ads
Your Gut
Fast Turnaround
Friends & Family
Buying Ads
Your Gut
Unbiased & Anonymous
Friends & Family
Buying Ads
Your Gut
Large Representative Audience
Friends & Family
Buying Ads
Your Gut
Manny Coats
CEO, Helium 10 is where I go when I want to quickly split test Amazon product images to actual Amazon Prime customers, and know which images customers prefer, before I make my product listing live. I get results within 1 hour with detailed 'reasons why' they voted a certain way. This has the potential to save thousands of dollars in lost sales from choosing the wrong image.

Reliable, Ready-to-Go Respondents
Targeted to the Segments You Choose

1-minute Setup

Write one question and provide 1-8 options, and your product listing poll is ready to go.

U.S.-based, Unbiased Respondents

Our panel matches US demographics for balanced, unbiased results for your product listing.

Results in Minutes

Keep iterating on your product listing throughout the day as you instantly get feedback you can use.

Target Audience Segments

Target your poll to segments like Amazon Prime Members, Mobile Gamers, and more. Read more about audience segmentation.

Useful Explanations

Learn the why behind each response and make better product listing decisions going forward.

Demographic Info

Slice and dice responses by age, gender, ethnicity, income, education and more.

Get 50 instant poll responses for $50

Collect Useful Data in 10 Minutes

Or read more about how PickFu works

David Zaleski

I've used PickFu multiple times from testing logos to packaging and it's saved me from making poor branding decisions I thought would've worked, but the markets thought otherwise.


What kind of results do I get?

Each set of results includes the following:

  • Answer tally: Stats on how many people (and what percentage) chose each option.
  • Answer comments: Each respondent explains why she chose what she did. These comments are often remarkably insightful. Many customers say it’s the most useful part of our service.
  • Demographic info: Demographic data about those who answered your poll, including gender, age, race, income, and educational level - displayed on pretty charts and broken down by each answer.
What kind of content can I test? Text? Images? Video?

You can test text, images or even video. Just make sure all your options are the same type of content. Read our about testing different types of content in our help center.

Who answers my polls?
We have a broad set of US-based respondents that are paid to answer your poll questions. We use a variety of safeguards to ensure that the respondents who participate in your polls answer them honestly and seriously. There is additional information in our help topic.
Do the respondents see my results?
No. Respondents do not see the final poll results. Respondents see a different view of the poll that includes your question, answer options, and any relevant segmentation survey questions. They do not see others’ answers or any identifying information.
I made a mistake. Can I stop my poll?
We cannot pause or stop and restart a poll once it has begun to receive responses because if a poll question or its options were to be edited mid-way, the results would be unreliable. Please take advantage of the Preview function before publishing your poll. We do not issue refunds for typos and other user errors.
Are the options shown to responders in random order?
Yes, we randomize the order of the options. However, we keep the labeling consistent (i.e., "A" or "B"). This means that while the order of options will change (sometimes Option B will be presented before Option A), Option B will be called Option B in both instances. Here's an example poll to demonstrate.
Why should I pay for a membership?
Paid membership is an excellent option if (1) you poll regularly to improve your business or (2) you're an organization that would benefit from the advanced business-specific features (teams, co-branding, API access, etc) Read more about membership plans here.
Do membership plans include polls?
No, polling costs are separate from plan costs. Your paid membership lowers the price per response for each poll using the PickFu Panel, and removes upgrade charges for premium polling features.

Have more questions? View our help center or contact us.

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