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If you’re selling a product that shoppers may be unfamiliar with, the main product image is an opportunity to convey how it’s used. That’s why testing product photos is essential to help your listing stand out.

In a recent PickFu poll, an e-commerce seller asked a panel of 50 women to choose between two product images for a set of resistance bands.

Both choices showed an image of the bands with a storage bag, but Option B featured a photo of a ballerina using a band to stretch her leg, while Option A showed only the ballerina’s leg.

Can you guess which one won?

And the winner is… Option B! With a score of 86, Option B snagged the vast majority of votes (43 out of 50). Option A received a score of just 14 (7 votes). These results were consistent among all age groups of female test panelists.

Let’s take a look at what made Option B the winner.

How do you use the product?

Shoppers who aren’t immersed in the world of fitness likely don’t know what resistance bands are or what they’re for. If so, they’ll look to the product images for clarification.

Many respondents who preferred Option B liked the image of the ballerina demonstrating how to use the resistance bands. They noted that it was important to see her whole body rather than just a leg so they could see exactly where to place the band.

One respondent commented that as someone not familiar with ballet, Option A helped her understand where on the body to place the bands. “I prefer A because it shows you exactly how the band is supposed to go around your waist. The other just shows it going around your foot.” She continued, “I’m sure people who do ballet probably know exactly where it’s supposed to go, but just in case B helps those who don’t know.” Another wrote, “I chose B because I like to see what the whole body is doing with the strap. With just the leg shown I cannot be sure.”

When testing product photos, avoid disembodied limbs

Respondents had a strong negative reaction to Option A because of the disembodied leg poking into the frame. Having a leg cut off from the body was off-putting to test panelists. “A phantom ballet leg just hanging over a product is creepy,” one respondent wrote. More of the negative words panelists used: random, weird, odd, strange, and awkward — not exactly sentiments an e-commerce seller would want to be associated with the product.

Panelists much preferred the full-body picture of the ballerina in Option B over her unsettling phantom limb in Option A.

Your takeaway

Not only did the overwhelming majority of potential customers prefer Option B, but there was also a clear consensus about why. Respondents liked that the ballerina in Option B showed them how to use the product. They also had an adverse reaction to a leg without a body. Consensus results like this make the pollster’s decision an easy one.

If you’re selling online, optimizing your product pages like you’ve seen in this poll helps you maximize your product listings. What are you waiting for? Conduct a split test by creating a PickFu poll today.


Madeline Raynor

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