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Ready Chef Go! and its recipe for content success

Ready Chef Go! launched on Snapchat in December 2019. Since then, it has gained more than 70 million players. Feedback from the player community has been crucial to its evolution.


There's only one speed in the Snapchat cooking game Ready Chef Go!: fast. Players have to move quickly in the virtual kitchen if they want to sauté their way to victory.

The same could be said of Mojiworks, maker of Ready Chef Go!. As one of only a handful of third-party developers on Snap Games, Mojiworks is intimately familiar with the nonstop pace and ever-changing demands of the social app and gaming landscape.

Fast development, constant iteration, and frequent updates are the norm. To keep up, Mojiworks asks Snapchatters directly for feedback inside the platform. To get ahead, it turns to PickFu.

"PickFu is the fastest and most useful way we’ve found to test icons and tiles outside of Snapchat."

Jen Bolton
Vice president of player insights, Mojiworks

The problem

A/B testing alone isn’t enough

It's a lengthy process to run A/B tests on Snapchat and manually review results. And while the data shows players' preferences, it leaves a sizable gap, namely, the reasons why players like or dislike certain features.

The solution

Poll players offline

Using PickFu, Mojiworks regularly tests key creative assets, including icon and tile ideas for its holiday 2020 release, Jingle Burgers, with a target audience that mirrors its real-life, predominantly female player base.

The result: Ready for the rush

Mojiworks confidently — and quickly — tailored its assets for Ready Chef Go! in line with players’ tastes.

Creating the polls and uploading the visuals for its seasonal content was quick and easy. Within a few hours, Mojiworks had not only quantitative but qualitative results: respondents' votes along with written insights into why they favored one option over another.

And it's working: players staffed more restaurants in the game than exist in the entire world.

AAA or indie, PickFu can help your game succeed.

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