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Head-to-head polls

Blue or red? Left or right? In a Head-to-head poll, respondents judge two options against each other and explain why they prefer one over the other.

Common questions asked in Head-to-head polls:

  • Based on the design, which product would you rather buy?
  • Which layout do you prefer?
  • Which ad would you be more likely to click on?
Ranked polls

Much like awarding gold, silver, and bronze medals, a Ranked poll asks respondents to rank options in order of preference.

Common questions asked in Ranked polls:

  • Which color would you prefer to buy?
  • When shopping, which pieces of information are most important to you?
  • Based on the title, which book would you most like to read?
Open-ended polls

Open-ended polls often ask "why," "how," or "what if...?" Unlike Head-to-head or Ranked polls, respondents do not judge options against one another. Instead, they simply answer the question presented to them.

Common questions asked in Open-ended polls:

  • After viewing this Amazon listing, what questions do you have about the product?
  • After watching this video, how motivated are you to learn more?
  • What would you improve about this website?
Click Tests

Click Tests capture 1 to 10 clicks on a single image to form a heatmap. Click Tests are useful to understand which visual elements grab attention and in what order.

Common questions asked in Click Tests:

  • Where on this homepage would you click first?
  • If you saw these search results on Amazon, which products would you click?
  • Click on this ad three times based on what catches your eye first, second, and third.