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How YES Bar saw a 12% jump in organic traffic in 2 weeks

Sales on Amazon were sluggish for the healthy snack bar brand. A single PickFu main image test turned things around.


YES Bar began in a California mom's kitchen. She wanted to make a tasty treat for her son, who was born with food allergies and health issues. You can now buy YES Bars on Amazon and other e-retailers and in stores, gyms, and hotels across the U.S.

"Whether you’re new to Amazon or already selling well, there is no better way than PickFu to get instant data to guarantee incremental improvements before you upload your main image to Amazon."

Daniela Bolzmann
Amazon brand strategist for YES Bar

The problem

Sales slowdown

As a direct-to-consumer startup, YES Bar gained good buzz and loyal fans early on. But with stiff competition in the plant-based snack space, word-of-mouth marketing could only take YES Bar so far. To grow on Amazon and beyond, its online store needed a boost.

The solution

Focus on the big picture

YES Bar turned to Amazon brand strategist Daniela Bolzmann to creatively refresh its Amazon product pages and storefront.

Daniela had plenty of assets to work with. She also had a hypothesis. By tweaking YES Bar's brand imagery — in particular, its main product image — click-through traffic and sales of the paleo snack bar would go up.

The result

Ready for its close-up

Daniela's approach: less white space, more YES Bar.

She and her agency team created two iterations of YES Bar's existing main image, zooming in on the product and package. They ran a PickFu poll with 50 consumers comparing the old image with the new ones. Consumers were clear on their favorite: a bright close-up of the snack bars stacked in front of the package.

YES Bar then swapped out the old main image on Amazon with the new PickFu-tested one to see how it would do live. Within two weeks, sessions rose 11.8%, an increase that translates to $3,390 in revenue.

The cost of the PickFu test? $85.

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