Pet project

Thrasio takes the brands it buys to the top

Thrasio, the largest acquirer of Amazon FBA businesses, never settles for good enough. The meteoric rise and sustained success of its Angry Orange brand speak to the company's knack for bringing out the best in every product, with the help of PickFu.


Thrasio is named for a revered warrior in Greek mythology. It's a fitting image, given the company's domination in the FBA roll-up market. With a global portfolio of more than 15,000 bestselling products, Thrasio has a well-oiled formula for success — one that doesn't include operating in a vacuum. Before making any major creative change, Thrasio takes its ideas to PickFu to get validation from real shoppers.

"Using a tool like PickFu can help every Amazon seller...It works for us, it’s cost-effective, it nets results, and you should be using it in your iterative process as soon as possible."

John Hefter
Senior vice president, creative and brand strategy, Thrasio

The problem

Product packaging, ripe for a remake

Thrasio acquired Angry Orange, a commercial-grade pet deodorizing concentrate, in 2018. The four-year-old brand brought in about $2 million in annual revenue. Still, its packaging was as uninspired as its competitors’. Beyond that, it lacked a strong identity that told a story and engaged customers.

"Amazon is an exceptionally visual medium," said John Hefter, Thrasio's SVP of creative and brand strategy. "We buy with our eyes first. When you scroll down the page, what makes your eye stop?" John's creative team cued up a complete rebrand of Angry Orange, starting with the bottle.

The solution

Color commentary is key to rebranding

First up: design a bright orange bottle that would stand out in a sea of sameness. To confirm that the color change would be worth it, Thrasio turned to PickFu.

The team ran poll after poll with 800 shoppers in all, adjusting the design after each round. "The evidence became very clear that the bright new orange design was going to motivate people to purchase," John said.

Insights gleaned from continual testing on PickFu helped guide not only the bottle and label redesign, but also the product imagery, video content, and creation of a ready-to-use Angry Orange spray.

The result: Sweet smell of success

Evolving with pet owners in mind

After Angry Orange relaunched on Amazon with new photos, the unit session rate rose from 35% to 42% practically overnight. "The day we changed the bottles, we sold 180 more units than the day before, and that trend never ended," said John.

Annual revenue has grown more than tenfold since, to more than $23 million.

Thrasio continues to develop Angry Orange, using feedback it gathers with PickFu. Spinoffs include a bathroom spray and a stain-removing solution. And the brand spokesman? None other than Snoop Dogg.

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