Marketing Split Testing Software Reviews

Customer reviews of PickFu marketing split testing software.

If you're a remote business owner, PickFu is an amazing tool that you can use on many different parts of your business including branding, testing PPC ad concepts and validating your e-eCommerce brands. You can save yourself big headaches and a lot of money by using this feedback tool rather than going off your gut. 
Filip StankovskiRemotepreneurs
I've had an awesome experience with PickFu. I first used it to decide between 3 logo designs for my consulting business. I was amazed at how quickly the results came in (just a matter of minutes). It seemed too good to be true at first, but then I read the detailed comments from each voter, which gave me insight into what everyone was thinking. The poll was invaluable, because without it, I would have made the wrong choice for the cornerstone of my brand! I next used it to decide between website design concepts, and again had great results that gave me total confidence in choosing my design. PickFu is one of the most amazing services I've ever discovered online, and I plan to use it for all of my clients' design projects.
Jason NappierMake Software Great