PickFu Solutions

Whether you are an app developer, author, e-commerce seller or entrepreneur PickFu offers you the easiest and fastest way to gather consumer research.

E-commerce Seller Solutions

Optimize listing images

Find the best main image for your product listings

Poll Question:

Which product would you buy?

Optimize product titles

Increase conversions on search results by prioritizing what's important

Poll Question:

Which product title would you click on?

Perform competitive analysis

Understand your strengths and weaknesses against competing brands

Poll Question:

Which listing would you click on?

Choose product variations

Know what sells before you sell it

Poll Question:

Which ones are your favorites and why?

Identify gaps in your current listing

Find ideas to improve how your product is presented

Poll Question:

After reviewing this listing, what additional questions do you have about the product?

Run pricing surveys

See how much customers would pay for your product

Poll Question:

How much would you pay for this?

App Developer Solutions

Test your mobile app icon

Find the icon that users want to download

Poll Question:

Which app icon do you prefer?

Optimize your App Store screenshots

Improve the visual aspect of your App Store Listing

Poll Question:

Which screenshot is more appealing to you?

Improve your user interface

Test visual design before writing code

Poll Question:

Which screen do you prefer?

Author Solutions

Pick the catchiest book titles

Discover the title most intriguging to readers

Poll Question:

Which book would you rather buy?

Choose the most eye-catching book cover

Understand what grabs readers' attention

Poll Question:

Based on the cover, which book would you rather buy?

Entrepreneur Solutions

Test your business ideas

Gauge the level of interest in a new product or service

Poll Question:

How interested would you be in this product?

Test your business name

See what impressions your business name creates

Poll Question:

Which business would you rather engage with?