PickFu Use Cases

Whether you are an app developer, author, e-commerce seller or entrepreneur PickFu offers you the easiest and fastest way to gather consumer research.

E-commerce Seller Use Cases

Optimize listing images

Find the best main image for your product listings

Optimize listing titles

Increase conversions on search results by prioritizing what's important

Perform competitive analysis

Compare your product listings to best sellers in the category

Choose product variations

Know what will sell (before selling it)

Crowdsource listing feedback

Get ideas to improve existing listings

Run pricing surveys

See how much customers would pay for your product

Assess your store's trustworthiness

Find out whether shoppers trust your brand, and why

App Developer Use Cases

Mobile App Icon Test

Find the most appealing app icon

App Store Screenshot Test

Optimize your app store marketing creatives

Iterate on the Best Mobile UI

Save on development costs with early testing

Author Use Cases

Pick the Catchiest Book Title

What title resonates with your audience?

Pick the Best Book Cover

Which cover is eye-catching?

Entrepreneur Use Cases

Get Open-ended Feedback

Do a quick concept test to gauge early interest

Choose the Best Logo

Whittle down the options from your designer

Idea Validation

Compare value propositions to see which customers would buy