How to Use PickFu for Ecommerce Sellers

Optimize Listing Images  ·  Optimize Listing Titles  ·  Competitive Testing of Search Results  ·  Choose Product Variations  ·  Feedback on Live Listings  ·  Pricing Surveys  ·  Test Store Trustworthiness


Optimize Listing Images
Find the best main image for your product listings

"Which product would you buy?"

A picture is worth a thousand sales... or so the saying goes, right?
Run this poll to see how real shoppers respond to your image. You can split test up to 8 images and get results in just minutes.


Optimize Listing Titles
Increase conversions on search results and product listings

"Which product title would you click on?"

The right product title can increase click-through rates by 47%.

Run this poll to learn what product titles appeal to your target shoppers, without the long wait and ranking risk of traditional on-site split testing.


Competitive Testing of Search Results
Compare your search listings with category best sellers.

"Which listing would you click on?"

Get a true comparison of your search listings with the competition.

With commentary from PickFu's respondents, you'll learn real consumer preferences and find opportunities to improve for CTR.


Choose Product Variations
Know what will sell (before selling it)

"Which ones are your favorites and why?"

Reduce inventory risk by running PickFu's Ranked Polls. Our targeted respondents rank their top choices from your product options, and we count everything to determine the overall ranking preferences.


Feedback on Live Listings
Get ideas to improve existing listings

"What do you like (and not like) about this listing?"

Out of ideas for improvement, or just want to get a 2nd opinion?

Use this to learn what's stopping users from buying your product.


Pricing Surveys
Learn how much customers would pay

"How much would you pay for this?"

Find out how much shoppers really value your product.

This poll is great for pre-launch research - choosing what products to sell and what images to use with them.


Test Store Trustworthiness
Do shoppers trust your store?

"Would you purchase something from this site? Why or why not?"

Shoppers don't buy unless they trust the seller.

Use this poll to discover shoppers' first impressions that they'd never tell you otherwise.