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Choose up to 4 traits from 30+ Japanese audience targeting options. Hear from the people whose feedback matters most to your business, whether that’s millennials, dog owners, or dog-owning millennials.

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Explore Japanese PickFu polls

Are you creating an ad for twentysomethings? Or a mobile game aimed at parents? Or a book for cryptocurrency investors? No matter what kind of project you're working on, PickFu makes it easy to ask consumers you want to target in Japan whether you're getting it right. The earlier you gather their opinions, the more confident you'll feel as you go to market.

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15 Japan based pet owners

Who are the Japanese panel respondents?

No bots here. Our global panel of over 15-million respondents cut across every demographic so you can segment and survey as broad or specific an audience as you need.

Panelists are paid for each poll they answer, incentivizing detailed, individual responses. Our team continually reviews comments to ensure our panel remains of the highest quality.

“I am a 65 year old office worker, male. I answer surveys when I have free time and earn points.” "65歳の会社員で、男性です。アンケートの回答をするのは時間が空いているときに回答しポイントがたまるからです。"

"I am participating in the survey in order to participate in society as much as possible after I retire from my current job upon reaching retirement age." "定年をむかえ現役の仕事を引退後少しでも社会に参加していくためにアンケートに参加している"

"I am a full-time housewife with 3 children. I am the type of person who doesn't want to do anything that is a hassle, but I like surveys because I get points for them." "子供3人いる専業主婦で、夫は公務員。めんどくさいことはなるべくやりたくないタイプだが、アンケートはポイントがもらえるので好き"

Trust the data

We hold our panel and ourselves to the highest standards. Here’s how we stick to them:

Screening and review

We recruit and interview each respondent, and we review their responses to confirm that they’re participating actively and honestly. If they aren’t, we remove them.

Machine learning

Our system scores each written response. We’ve designed our algorithms to reject and block questionable answers and gibberish.

Your input

You can rate respondents and flag any results that you find unhelpful, and we’ll review and respond accordingly. The integrity of our panel is never compromised.

While we leave open the possibility of a visiting-from-the-future Terminator situation, we do have tax information on file for every respondent so they can be paid. To the best of our knowledge (aforementioned cyborgs aside), our panelists are true-blue human beings with beating hearts, lived experiences, and a willingness to help.

When individuals join the PickFu Panel, we interview them extensively to understand who they are and catalog the behaviors and consumption habits they self-report.

Once you run a PickFu poll, we invite everyone who qualifies to answer your question based on the targeting you’ve selected. Panelists provide answers on a first-come, first-served basis, assuring immediacy while also providing them the flexibility to answer polls at any hour they’re online. 

We’re not surprised you’d want to join such an esteemed group. PickFu works with third-party providers to find survey respondents and we are not directly recruiting at this time. If you would like to be notified about future opportunities to join our panel, please send an email to

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