Cheese Whisps Brand Audit

Whisps are airy crispy snacks made from 100% real cheese. Its popularity is growing with the increased adoption of low-carb diets. See how US consumers perceive the brand and product reputation.

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Cheese Whisps Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services.

Cheese Whips are a relatively niche product an awareness of only 2.4 out of 5. Some that familiar have not tried it yet.

Poll Results

On a scale of 1-5 (1 = not familar, 5 = very familiar), how familiar are you with this brand/product?

Audience: 50 responses General consumers

Cheese Whisps Product Positioning

Understanding a products position in the market is key to determining its success. There are the obvious product-specific factors, such as pricing, packaging, utility, etc. But often times product success is also driven by factors external to the product - its competition and how they’re positioned, overall market trends and consumer sentiment, and more.

Asking this kind of poll can uncover all of this and more.

Despite having a low brand awareness, 50 general US consumers rated the product appeal as 3.7 out of 5, indicating that they would likely buy it. Many noted that they have bought similar products before and liked them and some noted they would use it while dieting since it is popular for it’s low carb nature.

Poll Results

On a scale of 1-5 (1 - wouldn't buy, 5 - would definitely buy), rate if you would buy this product? Why or why not?

Audience: 50 responses General consumers

Cheese Whisps Top Competitors

The more you understand your competitors, the better chance you have of beating them.

This poll provides data for a quick-and-dirty competitive analysis based on potential consumer sentiment. By querying potential consumers, we get to understand your brand’s perceived position in the market.

Carefully read all the consumer comments to understand each competitor’s relative strengths and weaknesses, and potentially even perform a SWOT analysis with the data.

50 US consumers described Cheese Whisps alternatives as other cheese type chips, and not specifically calling out the low carb nature of the product. These alternatives included Cheez-Its, Goldfish, Cheetos, generic cheesy puffs and Moon Cheese (which is actually the most similar).

Poll Results

After reviewing this product (Cheese Whisps), what alternative or competitive products come to mind?

Audience: 50 responses General consumers

Cheese Whisps Objective Consumer Descriptions

Marketers spend countless dollars to match the right words to their messages. But how does a marketer know their message is getting through?

This poll is a great way to test marketing message in a target consumer pool. Just ask your target market to describe your brand in their own words, and you’ll get qualitative insight on what’s working and potential areas for improvement and brand expansion.

When 50 US consumers were asked to describe Cheese Whisps in their own words they gravitated to the terms “light cheesy snack.” They also noted that it was a high protein, low carb alternative to chips.

Poll Results

How would you describe Cheese Whisps in your own words?

Audience: 50 responses General consumers

Cheese Whisps Pricing Analysis

The easiest way to gauge your product’s perceived value is to ask directly. By showing the product and asking potential customers, you’ll find out which aspects of your product are valued, which ones are not, and what potential things are missing.

When 50 US consumers were asked about pricing, they gravitated towards a price of $3, which is inline with other chip snack products.

Poll Results

What would you pay for this product, and why?

Audience: 50 responses General consumers