Brand Audits

  • Candy Crush

    Candy Crush

    Candy Crush is free-to-play match-three puzzle video game. See how US mobile gamers perceive the brand and reputation.

  • Cheese Whisps

    Cheese Whisps

    Whisps are airy crispy snacks made from 100% real cheese. Its popularity is growing with the increased adoption of low-carb diets. See how US consumers perceive the brand and product reputation.

  • Coca-Cola


    Coca-Cola is one of America’s oldest brands, but how does the brand fare today? See how US consumers today feel about Coca-Cola’s brand and positioning. Read on for a brand audit of Coca-Cola and see how it stands against its competitors.

  • Lululemon


    Lululemon is an athletic apparel company that initially gained popularity with its line of women’s yoga clothing. They have expanded their brand and product line to include men and children.

    See how both men and women general consumers perceive Lululemon’s brand.

  • OXO


    OXO is a mid-tier supplier of kitchenware with product lines that include the Good Grips line of cooking utensils and Pop line of storage containers.

    See how US home cooks perceive the OXO brand of kitchen products.

  • Roblox


    Roblox is an online game platform that allows players to create their own games and play games created by others. It caters to a similar audience as Minecraft. See what US mobile gamers think about the Roblox game, brand and reputation.