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  • Create-professional-app-icon
    Which One Won? An app icon with mass appeal

    Considering images get more attention than text, creating the perfect app icon can make or break your new app. Your icon needs to be visually appealing and instantly convey the app’s usefulness and appeal. While an app icon is literally a small image, it has a big impact! In this PickFu poll, the developers of a […]

  • Which-one-won-image-7
    Which One Won? Anticipating App Icon Expectations

    Viewers can draw strong conclusions from the tiny app icons in an app store. In that split second that they view the icon, they determine not only what type of app it is, but if they want to download it. We saw this play out recently with a PickFu poll. A company tested out two […]

  • Which-one-won-image-3
    Which One Won? Why Target Audiences Are Crucial

    When designing an ad, app, book cover, or any piece of marketing, it’s important to consider the target audience. Results from a recent PickFu poll show how filtering a target audience down to a particular age group could provide startling results that may impact product sales and downloads. In this particular poll, a health company […]

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