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  • Which-one-won-busy-moms-guide
    Which One Won? Book cover designs that appeal to working moms

    If you’re a parent who also works, you know how hard it is just to survive some days. So when a book comes along promising to help you navigate a career, kids, and holding onto your self-love in the process, you’ll want to buy it. But which book cover designs will attract your attention the […]

  • Medusa-looks-cute-in-a-bob
    Which One Won? Ranking book cover design ideas

    If you’ve written a book with an unusual subject, what book cover design ideas go best with it? An ordinary, traditional cover to offset the uniqueness of your content? Or a cover that hints at the surprising revelations readers will discover inside? Author Mika Terry ran a ranked poll on PickFu to find out which […]

  • Testing-kids-book-covers
    Which One Won? Testing to find out what book covers appeal to kids

    You might think you remember what it’s like to be a kid, but when it comes to creating a book cover that appeals to children, you probably shouldn’t depend on your memory. Kids change, tastes change, and you want to stay on edge of what’s eye-catching in the book world. That’s why one author used […]

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