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  • Which-one-won-image-11
    Which One Won? Book Covers with Mixed Messages

    One small decision you make on your book cover can send a different message to your intended audience. One PickFu pollster was surprised when testing two different book covers. He tested two covers for the book The Last Lessons of Christ. Option A featured a dark red image of the back of Christ against a […]

  • Which-one-won-image-8
    Which One Won? The Right Level of Mystery for a Book Cover

    Designing a mystery cover can be tricky. You want to capture the mystery of your book without giving the reader too much information. In other words, you want a mystery book to appear… mysterious. The problem is, if you make a cover too mysterious, you can stump readers. With few clues on what a book […]

  • Amazing-heights
    How a Guide for Short Guys Grew in Sales

    “You don’t seem that short,” people often tell author Seth Ulinski. At 5’7″, Seth is three inches below average height. In the introduction to his book Amazing Heights: How Short Guys Stand Tall, he jokes that perhaps he could chalk it up to “really” being 5’7″ and a half. But it’s more than that: an […]

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