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  • How-to-choose-a-book-title
    Which One Won? How to choose a book title that speaks to readers

    When looking for a new book to read, the first thing a potential reader will notice is the book title. That split second can make the difference between a reader looking further at the book or continuing to browse. So how to choose a book title that’s catchy and interesting? Test your title ideas on […]

  • Which-one-won-book-covers-that-give-too-much-info
    Which One Won? Testing book covers to see if they give too much away

    When readers pick up a book about the end of the world, do they want the cover to hint at the ending? Or is that too much information, taking away the thrill of discovery? The best way to know: testing book covers. One author used PickFu to create a book cover test for a post-apocalyptic […]

  • Which-one-won-image-13
    Which One Won? Does Sex Sell on Thriller Covers?

    We hear the phrase “sex sells” tossed around quite often in advertising. But does this apply to selling thriller books as well? A recent PickFu poll helped give us greater insight into how much sexuality to include on the cover of a thriller. The author asked the test panel which cover for a thriller novel […]

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