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Poll results

Which brand name do you think is better? (This is a new kitchenware brand that will be launched soon by Amazon) Please choose and write down the reason and your idea.

Audience:50 U.S.-based respondents
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Option A12 votes
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Option B38 votes
12 Responses to Option A

I think this one is just more fun and down too earth


I think this name is cuter than Tera Kitchen. The logo is also cute and cheery so the name should match it.


Kitchen Do sounds great to me.


I chose panel A. It is a little more "down home" and familiar.


Kitchen Do sounds proactive and fun. Tera reminds me of terra which is basically dirt, which is not good for a kitchen.


I like the one with the word Kitchen in it. Tera just seems personal to one person, and Kitchen DO just sounds positive, upbeat, and universal and inclusive to everyone. I absolutely love the "Cook, eat, repeat!" catch phrase. It's so catchy and memorable.


This is a verbiage that will get attention. The service will be considered user-friendly.


I think A is the better brand name for a kitchenware brand. I like that "Kitchen Do" is a very easy to remember name and flows well off the tongue. The tagline is also very catchy.


the tera name sounds to fancy and unrelatable the kitchen do sounds normal


I like A better, I think that the name just sounds better to me. The logo is cute!


I would pick choice A because it is easy to understand. I'm not sure what is meant by Tera Kitchen. To me Kitchen do implies being active in the kitchen which fits with cook, eat, repeat.


its more interesting as a name and it seems more grounded and down to earth to me - its not trying to be something more than what it is.

38 Responses to Option B

I like the sound of TERA Kitchen more than Kitchen Do


I like the name better. Tera is more unique and makes me want to learn more.


I like Tera Kitchen, makes me think it's a woman's company. Kitchen Do doesn't really tell me much, unless the Do is Asian related.


Tera Kitchen sounds like a classy high quality product, Kitchen Do does not roll off the tongue very well and sounds a bit juvenile.


I thought the name for option B was cute and sounded less plain.


I am not particularly enthusiastic about either, but option B seems more unique.


I like the name Tera Kitchen much more. It flows better as a name that makes sense. Kitchen Do does not sound like what I would expect in the marketplace.


TERA KITCHEN sounds cool and is memorable, whereas KITCHEN DO just sounds silly, low end, very Walmart.


This name seems more lively and I like the overall balance of letters. While the other option may be a bit more creative, the brand seems to have integrity as displayed.


I picked B as my top choice as the name makes it sound like it's a fancy place.


I don't like kitchen do. Doo doo is a childish name for excrement in the US and that is the first thing that popped in my mind Choice B is much better.


I like the name in option B because it sounds more hip and creative. Option A doesn't sound quite as unique and memorable to me.


This sounds more regal, and sophisticated, in my opinion


Sounds fancier and higher end for a better and higher quality experience.


tera kitchen is a cooler name.


I chose B because it sounds fancier and more memorable than A's brand name.


more professional sounding and appropriate.


Tera Kitchen seems better for the name. More earthy and more natural sounding. A better name here I feel as things in kitchenware should feel more natural. Looks good with that brand name.


I think the name sounds more interesting.


The name sounds more meaningful when compared to option A. It has definite name, it doesn’t sounds cliche, the tag line is understandable and explains what the brand does.


Tera implies that the product is down to earth and reliable.


I prefer this one because I feel like the other one either seems like bad grammar or can be easily made fun of it. If the kitchenware also features kind of earthy accents, this would be perfect.


I think the name "Tera Kitchen" just sounds better and more marketable than "Kitchen Do".


I don't really care for either very much, but I do know Tera means Earth so it's at least a more original name.


Tera kitchen sounds like a brand name you can trust for kitchen ware


I like the graphic and the font style, I'm not sure either name is super great, but Tera Kitchen is better than Kitchen Do


I like the spaced out font, more comfortable.


Tera kitchen reminds me of terra which means earth and it also just has a nicer sound to it then kitchen do


I think Tera Kitchen sounds better. Kitchen Do doesn't sound as good and sounds very generic.


I like this one better and I like the tag line more


I like the originality of this name more than the other name.


Tera Kitchen sounds grounded, practical and loving.


B is the best one for me because with tera it gives a sense of biodegradable and green. I would click and buy this one first because of this.


Tera Kitchen sounds better to me, it has a more distinctive and straightforward name


TERRA - I like that name, it locomutes and resonates the like sound of shumann earth resonance.


Tera sounds more creative and unique than the first option does. It has a nice ring to it.


I prefer option B because it is a more catchy name.


I chose B because I felt that the name was more open and able to connect and feel like a brand I would use. I also felt that option A was a bit odd and just did not make much sense.

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