PickFu Products

3 types of polls to meet your every need

PickFu Solo Test 1 idea by itself

Have a single idea to test or an open-ended question to ask? The Solo poll enables you to solicit feedback on one concept, without creating multiple variations of it.

PickFu Head-to-Head Test 2 or more ideas against each other

The PickFu Head-to-Head is a preference poll where 2 to 8 ideas are presented to respondents in head-to-head matchups, meaning two at a time. For each matchup, respondents vote on their favorite of the two options presented and provide a written comment about why they chose one over the other.

Each idea is tested against every other idea in the set - sort of like how in a softball league, each team plays every other team. These paired matchups will be aggregated to reveal an overall winner and rank the rest of the set.

Fun fact: You can run Head-to-Head polls with an odd number of concepts, so go ahead and test 3, 5, or 7 ideas!

Duo-color Paired-color

The gist:

  • 50 written comments for 2 ideas, 150 written comments for 3 ideas, up to 1400 written comments for 8 ideas
  • Starts at $20

Real-world examples:

PickFu Ranked Test 3 or more ideas all at once

In a Ranked poll, we’ll present your 3 to 8 ideas all at once to respondents. Each respondent will rank their favorites as #1, #2, and #3, then write a comment explaining their ranking. We’ll aggregate their votes to name an overall winner and rank the rest of the ideas.


The gist:

  • 50 written comments (for 3 to 8 ideas)
  • Starts at $20

Real-world examples:

What’s the difference between a Head-to-Head Poll and a Ranked Poll? 

Both the Head-to-Head and Ranked polls can test up to 8 ideas. However, the manner in which each poll is conducted is different .

In a Ranked Poll, your ideas are all presented at one time, in a single poll. Respondents rank their choices and write an explanation as to why they ranked them this way. This yields less written customer feedback than in a Head-to-Head scenario, because it is only one poll. But because it is only one poll, the Ranked Poll usually takes less time to complete* and costs less to conduct**.

In a Head-to-Head poll, your ideas are presented in round-robin fashion, meaning each idea is tested head-to-head against every other idea in the set. This yields the most written feedback because respondents participate in multiple polls. Your concepts will be ranked according to aggregate poll results.

* depends on targeting criteria
** depends on number of options and number of respondents

Product Comparison

  PickFu Solo PickFu Ranked PickFu Head-to-Head
Number of ideas to test 1 3 to 8 2 to 8
Number of respondents 50, 100, 150, or 200 50, 100, 150, or 200 50, 100, 150, or 200
Recommended for Any idea where you don't have several iterations to compare and just need feedback on one thing. Creative concepts where you have 3 or more options that you need to narrow down Respondents rank their favorites (1st, 2nd, 3rd choice) and tell you why. Creative concepts where you have 2 or more options and need the most customer feedback to determine a winner. Each option is tested against every other option.
Target respondent demographics
Include images in your poll
Include video in your poll
Downloadable results
Demographic info included in results
Example View Sample Solo View Sample Ranked View Sample Head-to-Head
Price in Credits 10 Starting at 20 Starting at 10