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Poll results

Which logo design would you prefer for a home décor company?

Audience:50 U.S.-based respondentsWomen
Option image
Option A23 votes
Option image
Option B27 votes
23 Responses to Option A

B looks like clip art, A looks more intentional


I like Option A. This logo sticks out with the bold black door handle.


It is more door like and inviting. The other one looks more like a window. The close up of the handle goes really good with the name.


I think Choice A has character to it. I think it's a catchy design.


My first choice is bold and it most gets my attention.


A has more character, u inquest and memorable


the font and the image go better together on A. B looks off. Font is too small and spaced oddly.


I personally like the larger font and the door handle. It stands out for sure for me.


I liked the design of A but felt it was lacking a unique touch. Option B lacked creativity.


I chose Option A because I think it's more eye catching, it stands out so much more if I were viewing ads, and overall I like the design better in my personal opinion. Thank you!


The logo looks more unique. It speaks a lot about what what the company stands for. Looks simple, stylish and modernly acceptable. The text layout and font of the logo is lovely, straight and easy to read.


I really like the curve of the handle on this logo. It's fun with a little mystery.


a is my 1st choice because it looks more fancy then the other option


This logo design is preferred for a home décor company. This logo is creative. The design is visible near and far.


I think it looks more elegant


I think this logo art is more intriguing. It would also scale the best between online and print media.


Option A, the door knob looks old school and more elegant! Is super cute


I chose A because this logo is very eye catching, cute and appealing,


I chose a because it is more colorful and shows safety measures.


this is really cute and a bit different


I like A because the door handle represents new beginnings once you turn that handle.


I think both look fine. But I prefer the look of A to B. The door handle and key hole looks more interesting.


I choose option A because it is more simple

27 Responses to Option B

This option felt much more simplistic to me. The doorknob on A was too fussy and visually distracting.


Although the curly tail-looking thing in 'A' is intriguing, I have no idea what it is. So that's one reason why I'd choose 'B'. However, I also think that, overall, 'B' has a more "balanced" look to it (perhaps because of the line - floor? - above the words "The Red Door House"). I also slightly prefer the white in 'B' to the black in 'A'. And finally, I quite like the shape/look of the window in 'B'!


I like B more because it seems to be a lot more professional, sleek and simple whereas the hook in A almost looks like a mustache a tiny bit which throws me off. I do love the name of this company though and I think B matches best with it!


I like option B because it shows a whole door rather than just the keyhole like option A, since the name is The Red Door House.


B feels a bit more safe and that spiral is dated.


The other is just a handle


I would prefer option B looks good and eye catching then option A


I like the logo with an actual door. The name is great and would pique my interest.


I,picked b because the door looks more elegant. I the door handle just does not look right.


I like the cute and grounded drawing in B. It shows a door which is in the name so it's a natural fit.


I prefer Option B because since you have the word "door" in your name, I like seeing the entire door and not just the handle as in Option A. Definitely Option B, and perhaps the door should be red.


I think the logo should contain an entire door. I also think it would be good for the door to be red.


The name matches the logo picture But to make more unique I would add the door knob on this picture also.


I prefer the picture of the whole door on B instead of just the handle and lock as in A. I think it shows more of the "house" and "door" than just the handle. Probably even better if it was red?


I like B better because it has an actual door.


I just like having the image of the entire door.


B look like a door to a house. A I am not sure what the top part is.


Option B because the door fits the name. Or you could merge the two logos.


Considering the name of the company, I think it makes more sense to go with the logo that actually shows a door. So that is why I chose Option B.


I like the image that has the door. Its much more appealing than the door handle. Also, it correlates more to the name.


Choice B is my top choice because I like how the graphic matches the words which is a graphic of a door and the place is called The Red "Door" House. Choice A is just a door knob and I did not like that or thought it fit with the overall concept.


I think the door is cuter and more of a friendly image than the door handle alone


I prefer the image of the entire door.


It's weird that "door" is in the name, but it's not in the image in A. A seems more like a locksmith ad.


I chose B because the name of the company is The Red DOOR and it shows a picture of a door.


I like that the logo is the whole door in option B


I prefer the simple and more obvious logo design. Clean and clear!

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