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Use PickFu's feedback polls to:

  • split test product detail images
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  • compare product page elements against your competitors'

How PickFu Works
Get feedback from an unbiased (and demographically targetable) audience of tens of thousands.




Best Practices for Amazon Product Page Optimization
PickFu will help you optimize each of the following:

Product Name & Title

The more detailed, the better - Amazon gives you 500 characters, and you should use all of them.

Run PickFu polls to choose ones that are readable and appealing (instead of just keyword-stuffed).

Product Images

Use at least 5-6 high quality images. Images should be professional, fill 85% of the image frame, and be at least 1000px in one dimension.

PickFu excels at quickly split testing product page photos for your target audience (e.g. female Amazon Prime Members 55+)

Product Features

List the key features of your product here - the bullet points on the product page are the best place to quickly convey what makes your product unique.

Use PickFu to ensure you're publishing the right set of features vs. your competitors.

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PickFu is an easy and quick way to test market your new business ideas before committing valuable resources. It's also an affordable way to optimize your e-commerce marketing images and copy before buying ads!
PickFu.com is where I go when I want to quickly split test Amazon product images to actual Amazon Prime customers, and know which images customers prefer, before I make my product listing live. I get results within 1 hour with detailed 'reasons why' they voted a certain way. This has the potential to save thousands of dollars in lost sales from choosing the wrong image.
I heard about PickFu from a fellow student and I have to say that it has been an amazing experience. My first poll told me exactly what the US Amazon customers like in terms of the shape of the decanter and the one I did last night took it a step further in terms of the actual design. It really makes a difference in terms of the decisions you make when wanting to launch new products into the market.
PickFu makes it easy for new entrepreneurs to execute the 'Lean Startup Method' - running quick tests to find which ideas will make the biggest splash.

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