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Poll results

Which hookah design do you like?

Audience:50 U.S.-based respondentsSmokers
Option image
Option A26 votes
Option image
Option B24 votes
26 Responses to Option A

this design looks much more in line with a hookah


I like choice A the most because it is modern looking and looks like it would not take up as much space. The design is also unusual, as it is not the usual round bowl. The look is just sleeker and I think choice A would look better sitting on a table. Choice B was OK, just bulkier and would take up so much more space.


The curve of the neck looks clean in A giving it a look that would fit in with all types.a


Choice A has a more sleek, contemporary look.


I chose A because the hookah looks less bulky. It's more sleek.


I would prefer option A option. The design of option A fits its purpose and it will help to smoke specially made tobacco mixtures that come in a wide variety of flavors. Hookah usually work by passing charcoal-heated air through the tobacco mixture and ultimately through a water filled chamber.


Choice A looks like a more traditional hooka or vase shape. I like the globe shape more than a fish bowl.


It's more sleek and modern in appearance, especially its base.


A has a more attractive base and looks to be more durable.


its very nice


I like both designs. I picked A because I liked the more fluid lines. The other one looked a little boxy to me.


I prefer the frosted bowl of A as that is the part that will get the most crud on it, I think an opaque bowl would be better, but transluscent is still better than transparent. Additionally, it seems like A has more hose ports and their placement leads me to believe they'd resist breaking vs B which has them on a corner - this is assuming the bubbler portion is made from glass.


The hose placement is much more conveniently placed


I prefer the smooth stem in the center rather that the sculpted one in the 2nd image. I definitely like the handle placement better and I like the sloped bottom bowl shape rather than the flat top bowls. I’m also not sure what is inside the bottom of the bowl in the 2nd pic that looks like a little shelf but I prefer the “empty” bottom bowl also.


The more rounded base just looks better to me.


I like the more concave design it just seems more popular


A is more sleek and smooth.


The design in A is innovative.


I like how the glass actually has a cut out shape where the hoses go. B hoses look awkward.


I like the shape of the bottom on this one. It gives it a more clean look.


I prefer the smokey glass on the bottom of option A to the totally clear glass of option B. Also the stem going from the water chamber looks easier to hold with one hand on option A which would make it easier to bring to and from tables. Finally, I like the angled grommets where the tube would connect on A better as well. They lend themselves to putting the tube down a bit easier without it sticking straight up first. All in all, a pretty easy choice considering the two options


I prefer the shape of the hookah in choice A, it is more visually appealing and I do think it would be easier and more enjoyable to smoke out of this way.


I like the design of this one better than the other one


I think the bottom one is better because the places for hoses are in a better spot


i like the shape of this option much better im a tall person so it would fit me more


I like the design of choice A over choice B, the bottom bowl design is bigger but more streamlined, and the whole hookah design in general is sleeker and more rounded. The design to me has a very aesthetically pleasing look to it.

24 Responses to Option B

A seems to be all over and not a good design with too much going on. B is more traditional and well rounded for my liking


I chose B because I like the clear glass and handle on it.


I like B a little better for this one. The design appears to be more stylish. It also looks to be a little better designed. A looks very functional as well, just not up to B.


You can see more details and through the inside on the bottom


I like option B the best because of the apple shaped design of the main tank and the serated lines on the neck.


I prefer B. The shape is more interesting and traditional and I think it is more appealing. The shape of A is more modern and I don't care for it.


This design is better looking and I like the shape of this hookah a lot more.This is a well design hookah.


I like choice B for a hookah design because I feel that it's more defined and more modern looking than choice A.


Nice shape that looks classic. Simple and elegant. I feel like this will fit in any room and still be very funtional.


It looks more profound and balanced.


i like this product looking really good


The base seems larger, thus being able to provide more smoke. It also seems more stable, making it more durable. Also, the neck has more grooves and a better handle, which makes it easier to hold and grip.


B because the bowl actually looks like a bowl and not so awkward and the stem is fancy too.


I like the overall design better -- I feel that it would be slightly more stable, easier to grip, and perhaps easier to clean.


That one has a more sleek and stylish design for a great look and feel to it. Glossy and shiny.


a little different from a round base normallyt seen or used


This hooka design is way much better than Option B because it's small, has the right colors, its size and it's really good. I liked it very much.


I like the look of B and how the top of hookah looks with the shape.


I liked option be because it looks sleek yet almost space age. Basically it looks cool. I prefer clear glass over a frosted look. The smoke can be seen while smoking.


this design is better looking overall


I like the shape of B better


I chose B because of how you can hold it. It has the indentations to place your fingers.


I like the more round bowl on the bottom, and the neck design better. It looks more elegant.


I liked the design of the neck on choice B as it does not look as plain as design A

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