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Poll results

Based on the image, which product which you rather buy?

Audience:50 U.S.-based respondents Gardeners
Option image
Option A18 votes
Option image
Option B32 votes
18 Responses to Option A

I think I would rather buy choice A because I like the white background for the seed packet as it looks unique.


Based on the image, I would buy option "A". The all white background matches the packaging nicely. The overall packaging looks appealing and creative.


color looks better and clean looking


Option A looks cleaner, fresher and more vibrant to me. The all white with the lettering seems smart and attractive. Option B has a more country, rustic look.


The white color of A looks classier so A


I chose option A - I like the look of the white bag much better! It looks classier, cleaner and like a trustable product. The brown paper bag look makes the product look cheap.


I prefer option A because I think the all white packaging looks more natural and organic. Option B isn't bad but doesn't feel as convincing to me.


All white of A presents a more professional, high quality image.


A is clean and seamless.


I prefer the more seamless appearance of choice A, but this wouldn't really impact my decision to purchase either way.


prefer A I like the white bag more


I like the all white bag, The other reminds of a paper bag


Brown bag color looks cheap, but white is not that much better.


Looks fresh and contemporary. The wording stands out strikingly as opposed to Option B


I would rather buy option A. I like the look of the all white packaging the best. Overall it's the most appealing option.


Option A looks like it is higher quality because of the white bag color. Option B looks cheaper because of the brown color on the bag. They look like the same product but Option A stand out more.


A looks cleaner because of the white background. The tan background of B looks like it may be some type of recyclable material but I still like A


I like the color of the packaging better. It stands out more. I would choose product A.

32 Responses to Option B

This option felt a little more rustic and less sterile since it featured a brown paper bag color.


Choice B was my top choice because the packaging is brown and the brown reminds me of the dirt and gardening. I have an association with earth tone colors and things for the outside so I picked this one and the label stands out more. Choice A was my least because everything looks like its blended and to me this would not stand out on the shelf if I were in the store shopping.


I like this packaging best. It looks natural and is more eye catching too.


he color of the packaging brings back fond memories when I used to buy seeds at the feed store and they put them in a brown paper bag. I would pick B due to nostalgic reasons.


The packaging looks more natural/recyclable and the green herbs stand out more on it.


I prefer choice B as my favorite because I feel that the kraft paper bag makes the product look more natural looking than a bleached white bag which looks like there may be more chemicals.


This has a more natural look which is appealing.


The brown bag looks more natural and earthy.


The brown bag has a nice earthy natural feel to it


Seeing it the brown bag makes it seem more realistic and environmentally responsible.


I like option B because the packaging looks more environmentally friendly. It looks like recycled material. I also like the rustic look. It goes well with the actual product.




the brown packaging looks more natural and eco-friendly.


I would purchase b because first I like that it came with this bag, it would be nice to know that these seeds are packed in an eco friendly bag. It would definitely be better than A.


I like the packaging in B, as I think the brown paper packaging with the white label creates a cool visual contrast. Also, as this is a package of seeds, I think the brown works well to represent soil and nature.


I like the brown bag look because it makes the information about the herbs stand out more. This is a product that I would definitely buy because I want to grow some herbs in a window box this year.


I prefer the brown bag packaging because it appears to be a more recyclable material or more biodegradable for environmentally friendlier disposal while the other option seems more like a plastic bag material and less environmentally friendly.


I picked B as my top choice as the brown bag idea makes it look like it's a very organic brand.


The brown paper packaging seems more in line with planting, earthy things, the type of bag that one usually finds with seeds.


it looks more biodegradable and recycled and hence a little better


I prefer the dark bag of B the best. I think it looks better and it makes me feell like it is a more natural product.


While I find the uniform, clean feel that the constant white color used in choice A more visually appealing, the use of the brown bag in choice B feels more natural for a container of herbs. Almost subconsciously I assume that the brown package is a more "natural" choice than the white package. I would likely purchase choice B before choice A.


Option "B": This packaging may not actually be so but it does look like much sustainable packaging I've seen elsewhere and fits in with "natural" elements of herb gardening comparatively.


i like the brown bag look


Just based on the image, the product I would rather buy is Choice B. The label of the package on both products are exactly the same, the only difference I can see is the color of the packaging; choice A is white and choice B is brown. I like the look of Choice B better, it makes the label stand out more, it's more athesthetically pleasing, and it gives off a paperboy recycling, good for the earth vibe to it.


I like the brown packaging, it feels more natural and rustic


This design is more natural and pure. I will click on first. The look is very trustworthy.


I prefer Option B. I think the white coloring in Option A looks too artificial. The coloring in Option B makes the product feel more natural.


This was an easy decision for me. The natural brown eco-friendly packaging let's me know the company is environmentally thoughtful and take their responsibility in protecting the environment seriously. It makes sense for the product to be in this type of packaging even moreso because there selling plant based products. The other option is a contradiction and is symbolic of not caring about the environment. It doesn't make sense to be selling a product you will be putting into the earth in a plastic bag that will end up hurting the same environment you are planting in.


I think that the contrast provided by the brown package and the white label look a lot better than all white, it also looks a little more environmentally friendly like it was recycled.


That is a nice look in the beige bag. If that is a recyclable or compostable bag, all the better. That would be great here so I'd go with that option.


I think the more 'natural' seeming paper packaging in Option B is more complementary to the claims on the label, so I think that instills more confidence in me that I'm getting what's advertised (so I would go with this one). Option A is fine too, but I don't like the plain white plastic package as much as the other alternative.

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