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Poll results

If You Were Shopping For Spice Magnetic Containers, Which Image Will You Click On?

Audience:50 U.S.-based respondents Amazon Prime members
Option image
Option A10 votes
Option image
Option B40 votes
10 Responses to Option A

I like the individual lay out of all the pieces compared to B.


The presentation is better, it looks nicer, the other option looks too busy. There is no need for the additional symbols like +, it just adds clutter


A shows more of the product, B shows the box which doesn't offer much.


looks a little higher end and better quality than the one with the box showing


Shows all the parts laid out and easier to see how much I will be paying for. Versus the other image, everything looks clustered.


I would choose A because I can more clearly see the main thing I'm getting, which is the magnetic spice containers. I feel like the actual product box being in the picture deters me from the item and subconsciously reminds me that I'm spending money buying a product rather than just getting something I know I want. It also just kind of looks like in A that I'm getting more products, whether I am or not.


I like the uniform layout of the item here. It seems pretty solid though the mixing on the item


I find the box itself on Option B to be totally unnecessary


I picked choice A as it shows everything in the box. Choice B wastes space of the image with the box.


I would choose Option A because it has more of the contents displayed in the picture. They're both fine, really, but Option A makes me feel like I'm getting a little more for my money. Thanks!

40 Responses to Option B

it looks visually more appealing, cleanly laid out and easy to follow, you can ssee what's included easily


I like seeing the product in use, otherwise it just seems cluttered and useless


I think having the box there like in choice B makes it look better. It helps you see how the spice containers should be.


I like the realistic picture of everything on a table


I like that it is organized and I can see what I am getting while it is showcased how it would sit


I think the layout of the contents in Choice B is a better look. Choice A looks cluttered.


I like the one that is far more organized and easier to see. It makes me think it is a lot better and easier to use.


I like the arrangement and appearance of the products in this image


I like that I can see the box in B. I like seeing how it will be packaged and arrive at my house, and I also like being able to read more about what items are included. It's hard to tell what all of the items are in A.


I like seeing the containers up closer. I feel I get a real world view of them in Option B.


I like to see the box that these 6 spice containers will come with. Hence, Option B is the more clickable option.


I like seeing the box/packaging that it would come in.




I like option B. I think the arrangement of the products, stickers and box are very good.


The display looks cleaner and easier to see


I like the angled view of the containers in this image. I feel like I can see more details about the containers themselves, than I do from the front view of the containers in the other image.


I would click on B because it is neat and organized, which I really like.


I think that the way B is laid out is more aesthetically pleasing since the jars are shown displayed on the stand the way they would be in a kitchen. I also like that B shows what the packaging looks like; I always feel like being able to see the package provides good information.


I chose B because I like the inclusion of the box in the listing. It gives me an idea what this all would look like, and it provides a concise list of what is included with the product. It seems more comprehensive and useful.


I like that B comes with the free replacement. I like that it has the box in the photo.


I would click on this image because it's easier to tell what the containers are used for and they look nicer being displayed together.


I would buy this option, because I like that I can see how the spice containers fit on the metal tray. I like that the spice containers fit so well on the tray, because it would save space in my kitchen.


More organized with the focus on the containers.


The look and feel of the container is good and seems waitress.It has lot of stickers


I chose B because I liked the presentation and how it included what it comes in, in the picture.


I like being able to see the packaging , so that is a huge plus for me. I also think the products are laid out neatly and presentable.


I think it's helpful to see them all aligned together on the magnet like that


I think B does a better job of displaying all of the pertinent facts. The two year warranty display is larger in B


I like how it shows the box and the metal containers on the sheet. I also like how it is organized on B.


I like B because you can read the words and see what the product is. It's not immediately obvious in A.


I like B because it's a nice clear image that shows you all you get. I like that it also includes the package. I also like that it shows the tins sitting on the metal plate too.


I prefer the option that shows the packaging because it gives more information


I would click on B because it looks very organized and neat. There was room in the display to show the box and all the things that came with it. A looks a bit disorganized.


I chose option B because it shows a better picture of how the spice rack will look put together. along with the box that shows a more detailed picture.


I like how neatly and organized the display of option B is. It has all the information and all of the necessary advertisements yet the display is still neat and displays the actual box it comes in as well.


The contents of the product in Option B is presented and displayed well. The picture is informative and clear in regards to what is included with your purchase.


B stands out as better to me. The packaging is clear and the warranty is large and stands out so I an see it. The product is close to front and center and is easy to look at and examine. Seeing the box and that it will be boxed up nicely also draws my eyes in. The display is better and set up in a manner that draws the eye in.


I would be most likely to click on Choice B. It shows what the product has to offer in a more concise manner than the other option.


If I were shopping for spice magnetic containers I'd click on option B, because I can see how the product looks neatly displayed and closer as far as the view, and it looks like a very professionally done image compared to option A.


The "actions" shot in choice B, referring to the tins on the tray, make the photo. Normally I do not like photos of a box, but it works in this photo too.

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