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  • Grow-amazon-business
    How to Grow an Amazon Business into a 6-Figure Income

    E-commerce is one of the best and most effective ways to earn a return on your investment. And Amazon offers the perfect platform to attract a large number of qualified leads. How do you funnel the maximum number of visitors to your Amazon product listing? Just some of the few online tools and strategies include […]

  • Which-one-won-image
    Which One Won? Organization vs. Clutter

    When designing the main image for a product that consists of multiple pieces, it’s critical to think about how the component parts are arranged. In a recent PickFu poll, one Amazon seller split tested two main product images for Treasure Box toy set. The seller received responses from 50 members of the general population in […]

  • Which-one-won-image-1
    Which One Won? Testing product photos and learning from a leg

    If you’re selling a product that shoppers may be unfamiliar with, the main product image is an opportunity to convey how it’s used. That’s why testing product photos is essential to help your listing stand out. In a recent PickFu poll, an e-commerce seller asked a panel of 50 women to choose between two product […]

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