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    Which One Won? Displaying Packaging on an E-commerce Listing

    What’s the right balance of text to photo on an e-commerce listing? Do users prefer seeing the product packaging on a listing? These were some of the questions addressed in a recent PickFu Poll. A company asked a test panel of men and women, ages 18-44, “Which design do you like most and why? Would […]

  • Which-one-won-image-10
    Which One Won? Tips for a Winning E-Commerce Photo

    Creating e-commerce photos for health supplements can be tricky. Not only does the product need to address the health benefits for the potential customer, but it also needs to look appetizing. One company tested two photos for an e-commerce listing of its matcha green tea powder. It asked the test panel, “Which label looks better […]

  • Which-one-won-image-6
    Which One Won? Getting Dynamic With eCommerce Photos

    SPLASH! I’m sure you’ve been there — that gut-wrenching moment when your phone fell from your hands and into water. You try the rescue tactics: blowing on it. Sticking it in a bowl of dry rice. Then you wait and hope that your phone somehow survives. One phone case company targeted this pain point by […]

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