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  • Amazon-split-testing
    Amazon Split Testing with PickFu

    Split testing is a common method to optimize your Amazon product listings and increase sales. Since there are so many aspects you can test in each listing, split testing can become complicated. We’re going to look at the basics of Amazon split testing and how PickFu polls make split testing easier with reliable results.

  • Amazon-ab-testing-tool
    What’s the Best Amazon A/B Testing Tool for You?

    An Amazon A/B testing tool helps e-sellers figure out what exactly about their product listing drives customers to act. In a traditional Amazon split test, sellers run variants of their product listing, collecting data over time to figure out which listing garners more conversions and sales. These four tools can help you carry out an […]

  • Which-one-won-tripod
    Which One Won? A simple way to add action to a product image

    In this week’s Which One Won?, we’ll learn a trick for instantly adding color to a product that may not be very interesting to look at by itself. In this poll, an e-commerce seller asked a targeted audience of Amazon Prime members which image they preferred for a smartphone tripod set. Option A is a […]

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