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  • Which front cover for a recipe binder would you rather buy?

    This is a 5 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Books Read - Cookbooks, Food & Wine (Books Read: Cookbooks, Food & Wine) and Gender (Female). A sample of responses:

    • I like the lemons the best. E and B had beautiful colors. A and D are too busy.
    • E by far is my favorite. I like the design and color used. A I also like, the black background with flowers. D is a bit too busy. I don't love B either, and C is my least favorite, the lemons are just too much.
    • I like choice B the best. The colors are really pretty.
    • c-Lemons are a good choice but it is food related. It is bright in color. D- The yellow (lemons) and flowers go good together. Like a baking recipe. B- neat cover and Spring colors. Put me in a good mood. I like flowers as well. A-just reminds me of a journal. It is more relaxing than invigorating like the first two. E- really not a favorite at all. It is drab and reminds me of Transformers with the lego like flower.
    • I like the lemons first because they pop and are a food, then the lemons and flowers because they are food, third because I like the image the best our of the remaining 3, 4th I chose b because I could read the lettering the best, which is why I chose e last.

Books Read Cookbooks, Food & Wine targeting is often combined with cooking interest targeting, gender targeting, and amazon prime membership targeting.

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