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  • Which image do you like better for a card game? We only need feedback on image/illustration (not layout, word choice etC)

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Mobile Game Genre - Card (Mobile Game Genre: Card). A sample of responses:

    • I love the dumbstruck look of the dog and the malicious grin of the robot in this one, very cool
    • I think the robot is very cute. I think he will attract the most attention. The other is cute, but doesn't have as much impact as the closer shot of the Robot.
    • I prefer this image. This image is concise and shows one character with a message in the image.
    • I really love the art and playfulness of Option A, but it doesn't scream "card game." Option B looks more like a card and I'd be able to more quickly tell what kind of game I was going to be looking at.
    • I like the simplicity and the minimalism in Option B.

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