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Poll results

Based on the cover, which book about Building a Practice would you rather buy?

Audience:50 U.S.-based respondentsSmall business owners
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Option A31 votes
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Option B19 votes
31 Responses to Option A

people have short attention spans, so a phrasing such as mounds of money in choice A i feel would capture the eyes of a consumer.


B is awful for two reasons. Compentence into compensation? It's just phrased that way for consonance, and it's not really effective. Years of Study into Mounds of Money makes a lot more sense and speaks directly to a person.


I like the rhyme between Fields of Study and Mounds of Money


The title rolls off the tongue a lot better. Plus, it doesn't' sound like a lecture.


it has a clearer message


I think the title and wording on option A is really catchy and make me want to at least see what the book is about


A is very much captivating and more attractive. The words used are quite persuasive and somewhat more convincing than B


shorter is better. keep the title short and i am much more interested.and loving the phrase mounds of money!


I like choice A better because the title flows easier off the tongue. The bigger words in the other title make it less appealing to me and I probably would not notice it as much as the other one if I saw them in a bookstore.


sounds more appropriate and professional and i think it is bettter than the other


Both covers are pretty bad and ugly, but at least A doesn't have the text cursor visible in the middle of a word.


I like choice A better the title makes me think about all the sacrifices I have made, the skills I have learn and how I can turn them into money. Everyone has unique set of skills and even if you havent studied for a long time at a college or another academic institution we learn every day, we study every day. The title sounds inspiring and then the title below Mounds of Money makes me think about rewards and how I can use it, how well it will feel after I apply the knowledge of the book.


i feel like A has a simpler, more understanding title. competence is kind of open ended and not very clear. i also dislike the line about feeling sleezy, cheesy, or dirty. i feel like enjoying the lifestyle you deserve is much more appropriate and optimistic. i dont want to have thoughts about feeling undeserving of my hard work or that im making a living unethically. you shouldnt have to feel bad about building yourself up and giving yourself actual worth. thats not a good self help book and more likely to invoke self loathing.


I chose this option because it sounds more enticing and interesting to me and I'm more likely to buy the book because of this title.


The chosen option doesn't have any negative connotations. The second option pushes me to consider unsavory things I'd rather not even think about.


I chose Option A. Although I like the alliteration of B, the rhyming in A is very catchy and succinct. It gets right to the point and rolls off the tongue nicely as a slogan.


I really like the way option A presents the information that it provides in the book and it makes it sound more like the education that I obtained has more value and is something that is not something that makes me more smarter in a certain feel the way that option B does. Option B makes it sound way too pretentious like I'm smarter than everyone else and that should necessarily make me more profitable just for pursuing an education, which I do not believe to be true.


I would choose option A because the message is more powerful and straight forward. The design and layout are more attractive as well.


I choose A because the layout is much more professional because my first look at option B I had to stop and try to figure it out whereas option A it was very clear with a good set up. The wording "years of study" indicates research and proof of its contents.


Going through both, option A looks more descriptive and i am going to opt in for option A


I think A is better because it sounds like it is rewarding you for your hard work, and the subtitle is also more professional.


B refers to being sleazy. Good god. I'm a working professional and that is not professional language. A has language that is a little egotistical, but at least it is semi professional.


I would buy option 'A' for a book about Building a Practice based on the cover. The title seems intriguing and convincing. The other title seems complex and confusing.


mounds of money sounds good


I prefer choice A because it promises more things. It is more intriguing.


I chose option A because of its subtitle. Both main titles are fine with me - they convey the message equally well. However, I prefer option A's subtitle over the other option, because it comes off as more positive to me.


Why is there a line between the letter A and T in the word Compensation? Also I really don't think you should be using words like "sleazy" when it comes to speaking to accountants. They are literally the opposite of that word. Dry, educated and boring.


Option A provides better contrast and emphasis with the smaller font for "Into". There is also a distracting cursor on compensation in Option B. Option A is the much cleaner and appealing option.


My first choice is Option A because it is simple and clean without derogatory verbiage. Although it doesn't sound easy to make money, the payout seems promising and great. I chose Option B 2nd/last because I do not like the verbiage, "Sleazy, Cheesy or Dirty".


I think the word Money stands out more to people. The cover of a book needs to grab a consumer's attention quick and stand out as much as possible as this is most likely in a crowd of books or online where people are scrolling. It also is able to compliment the consumer by recognizing their effort and time they put into a subject and guiding them towards an end goal. In this case being "mounds of money". Also the tag line "So you can enjoy the lifestyle you deserve" is a perfect phrase for someone. We all want to believe we deserve the most in life. Seeing that would immediately make me pick this book up and read it.


I like how A has the same cadence in the title, 2 sections of 3 words of the same syllables. I don't think the dashes are necessary at the top; I prefer how the top of B is. I don't like the bottom section of B, the wording there. I don't really mind the main title of B but I do prefer A.

19 Responses to Option B

"Mounds" has a sexual overtone to it and thus is a total turnoff. I want to learn about how I can turn my raw skills and knowledge into actual pay; "mounds of money" just sounds like a hyperbole that's unbelievable.


B has a much simpler look in terms of its design and choosing of words that presented more common sense and less jargon.


Option B easily is the best choice because the top line is large enough to quickly grab your attention and then alliteration of Competence and Compensation is great. Also having those words bolded makes them stand out so much that I know I'm going to make money from this book. I also like the sub title cause those words are funny and really make you pay attention.


The word competence on the tittle is more effective


I think this title seems more modern in wording and more fun. It is a better analogy of how to make money being smart and I like the tagline better under the title. Also I like how it doesn’t reference years of study and makes it seem more like being smart is part of you and not what you have done


I much prefer this one because it says "without feeling sleazy, cheesy, or dirty about it." When I think about ads for making money, I usually assume it's either a scam or it's trying to rope you into scamming others, so that part really gives me a peace of mind, and makes me want to look into it more. I actually don't like Option A at all, because the "mounds of money" sounds too good to be true, and I would assume that it's too good to be true without even looking into it first. I would definitely associate this ad with some sort of scam or illegal activity.


I like the saying on B more as it is more relatable and legitimate to me.


i think this book cover looks more appealing to read than option A


This one sounds a bit more relate able


I like B because not everyone studies for years. I think B is more relevant to many people. I also like the mention of cheesy, makes the title kinda fun.


This a catch-22! I think Competence into Compensation is a much better title than Option A's wordy study into money; however, the subtitle in Option A is much better than the off-putting subtitle in Option B! I'm unlikely to pick up anything that tells me I won't feel cheesy or dirty if I read it.


B seems a lot more welcoming and widely available for anyone to pick up. A kinda seems like you have to have tears of knowledge on the topics.


This seem to be the obvious choice to me. The wording resounds with me.


The title is wittier and sounds all around better.


I chose B, because I liked the subtitle because sometimes I feel bad about charging people money to do stuff so this is relevant for me.


Since I was just a high school graduate, A's cover does not sounds relevant for me. I prefer B and I think it is also more relevant and acceptable to wider audience.


I prefer B mostly because the title of option A sounds too much like a generic get rich quick type of book which is very off-putting. I like the title of option B because it's very down to earth and pragmatic. The book attracts me as a sensible self help type of book that will help me learn how to optimize my potential for financial means. I also think the "without feeling sleazy, cheesy or dirty about it" is very relatable.


B is my preferred choice because of the simplicity of the cover and the content of the book title is mature and the cover design looks good and attractive and will call more attentions to it, it a beautiful colour design on the cover and it is pleasant to the eyes


I like the first p;art of the title. That is why I chose this one. I feel like any person can be included and you don't have to spend years of studying. But I do not like the second pare of "Without Felling Sleazy..." I find this part unnecessary and off putting.

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