About this template

Before you invest in launching a new e-commerce product, make sure it has a good chance of beating existing solutions. Get feedback on how your conceptual product would perform against the real-world competition. Use consumer insights to improve your product design and launch confidently.

Who should use this template?

E-commerce sellers and entrepreneurs who are planning on launching a new product.

When should you use this template?

Use this template during the product development and design process to validate early concepts against the existing competition.

How to use this template

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Step 2: Add your images

Upload your product image and 1-2 competitor images. Add your product type in the question.

Step 3: Get results

You'll get responses within minutes. Find out which image won and take action on audience feedback.

Improve your product design to beat the competition

Use this template

E-commerce sellers increase conversions with PickFu

DIY consumer research

No need for experts or training. PickFu is easy to use so your entire team can unlock insights.

Test before you invest

Test aspects of your product listings to find the one that resonates with your target audience.

Instant, high-quality feedback

Get in-depth insights within minutes. Not just numbers, but written feedback you can trust.

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Use this template

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