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Poll results

Based on the description, which book would you rather buy?

Audience:50 U.S.-based respondents
Option A25 votes
Option B25 votes
25 Responses to Option A

I like a tropical beach island journey so this description is enticing.


More efficient messaging and to the point compared to the other option


A makes more sense to me


This text sounds much more exciting and interesting. The other option seems boring and I don't like it as much. Overall Option B is very lacking to me.


The style that A is written, at least for me, is easier to follow and get behind. B seems a bit wordy in unneeded ways.


Draws me in faster and is a shorter read. People won't read much of a description before moving on to the next one. Grab them quick and keep it very short.


I would buy option "A". The description looks appealing and interesting.


I like to get the name of the main character a lot sooner in the description


I went with A because paragraph B (starts with "on quiet...") has a run-on sentence right at the opening! Bad grammar = ugh no thanks


I prefer option A because it's a shorter but more concise description that gets the same points across as option B but in less words.


I got involved in the characters easily. Narrative is straightforward, without the fluff in B.


In my opinion, option A is more interesting and more well-written.


I chose panel A. I am originally from this area where the story is set and can relate to it well. I think it would be a good read as just this little bit, made me want to read more.


I would rather read A as it frames the storyline in a way that involves more intrigue and suspense (at least in my opinion).


I prefer option A. I felt like the description pulled me in a lot more and gave me plenty of background information at the beginning. B seemed like it took a little too long before getting into the meat of the plot and why I should read the book. I also felt like the writing was better and less overwhelming than option B. The sentences are simpler and more to the point in A.


The details of the description are favorable and I like how the story is progressing. Overall, the premise has sold me on the contents of the book going forward.


It tells you about the book the other choice makes you feel like you started reading the book in the middle


A is more interesting than B. But both of them share too much of the story! If this is for the flap or back cover, far too much has been given away. I don't want to know all the detail before I've actually read the book. But I do prefer knowing that Sessy is 89 and that's why her great niece is going in her place. I think these need to be rewritten to be short, pithy, intriguing without giving too much away, and highlight the Caribbean setting but don't tell us so much.


I liked that this option jumped into the character development more immediately so I could get a sense of Caroline's multifaceted personality right away.


I like option A better because it more intriguing.


this is easier to read and more succinct of a summary


Option A is shorter.


I think that option A has better flow and using a broad vocabulary. Option B is fine, just seems a little too simple and boring


I think it sounds more unique and engrossing.


This text is more direct and to-the-point. It sticks out and best entices me to want to read the book

25 Responses to Option B

it goes into more detail and is longer


I like B because it sounds more romantic rather than historical.


slightly more of a description


I like choice B because it feels like there is a flow to the story rather than choice A which I felt took too much time trying to explain itself and setting up a background to the story but by then I lost interest.


Option b sounds more intriguing in my opinion


I like option B because it feels more descriptive and involving. Option A doesn't feel quite as connected and original to me.


I like how the excerpt on the novel in option B helped build the setting first when describing the scenario for Damian. I liked reading option B more than option A.


Choice B is my pick because I like how it jumps into focusing more on Pepper who is the main character of this story as opposed to going on about Sessy who is a secondary character. I also feel like Choice B goes more into the plot and the details behind how all of this will affect and change Pepper. That is why it interests me more and I would rather buy it.


Option B sounds way more adventures. I like the description of the characters and the story seems more vivid in my mind.


I like B because I like how it starts out with a story. It gets my attention with the first sentence.


The story sounds a lot more intriguing in option B


B sounds more interesting and adventure filled to me.


B seemed less stereotypical.


I think that option B does a better job of painting an interesting picture that I would actually want to read. Reading option A left me feeling confused and not that interested to read more to find out what is going on. Option B gave me the information I needed to already be pulled into the book and want to know more.


I like B's description better because A feels like it leads you on. Essentially, it makes you think that the main character is going to be "Sessy", so you're left with some disappointment after reading about "Sessy" in the first lines that she will be more of a background character.


I like option B because I like the way the book is described and I think that it makes the book sound more interesting.


This story seems a bit more relatable to me so I'd be more likely to choose this over the other option.


Option B is most catchy and easiest to understand


B sets ups this book with some mystery and intrigue and I’m interested. A is okay but not special.


it open up a lot better.


I like the description of option B more. It seems to flow better than option A. I am a little intrigued and want to know what is going to happen.


Option B has more of a suspenseful grab at the beginning of the summary. I am immediately intrigued by the offering. As a librarian and avid reader, this would quickly be added to my list.


I like choice B the most, especially because of the first few sentences which get me initially grabbed by the plot. it sounds like a story that is full of twists, action, and something I can sympathize with the character over.


This is a better description because I think it's a little more detailed and I like that it starts off with the phone call which is more attention grabbing and intriguing right off the start.


This is more anecdotal but I feel it works better because it builds suspense in a story format and makes you want to answer that question at the end by reading the book.

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