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  • Which would you pick? (for a bookkeeping software for Youtubers)

    This is a 4 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Plays console games (Console Games). A sample of responses:

    • Choice B is my top pick because I like how it only has the black background option, which is the one that I like a lot better then the others which have the worse looking white alternative. I also like the way that the C in Choice B is designed. It has a nice aerodynamic look to it. Choice C is second because I like the little stat box logo next to the wording. I also like how the E was designed to mimic that. Choice D is third because I like the two lines between the C and B but I do not like how the letters themselves are lowercase. Choice A is last because I do not like the logo at all. It just looks weird.
    • i like the graphics in B, i think the size of the fonts and the colors look professional and attention grabbing
    • A is last because I don't like how the logo looks.C is first because the logo looks like a productivity software logo.I like B slightly more than D because B is more unique.
    • I really liked the solid background color of option B and the color was a nice choice and look. Option C and D is a good mix of colors, the size is nice also. Option A is good and is on par with option D.
    • I think C seems like the most appropriate logo for a creator of audio content.

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