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  • What would be a better name for a crypto hardware wallet series (a security device that stores the private key)? 1. iVault 2. Stone 3. ProWallet 4. EvoWallet. 5. Others

    This is a 1 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Cryptocurrency (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • Stone feels like a good name. Maybe something with crypto in it, like cryptostone. Please don’t give it a iName, the are played out
    • Stonewallet or Stone I think is best. Although it is a wallet, it looks like a cold wallet that you store somewhere. I love it. Also, iWallet wouldn't play into the crypto space with their demographics as much, but maybe for mainstream adoption. In the current climate though, I'm saying Stone #1 then iVault #2
    • I like the name Stone for a crypto hardware wallet. The name is simple and represents exactly what I want in a hardware wallet, for my crypto to be locked up safe and unmoving like a stone. iVault sounds like it is a ripoff of an apple product and I would not trust it. ProWallet and EvoWallet are unappealing to me as well as they are boring and I imagine there are many similar products with similar names.
    • Cryptowntuced. Keeping everything secure and all together
    • iVault sounds more catchy overall, I could see that being used as the product name

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