Sell more books: Resources for self-publishing authors

Writing books is a collaborative process, and self-publishing books is perhaps even more so. In order to sell books you’ve self-published, you not only have to understand your subject matter, but also how to position your book in the marketplace and how to sell your book online. We’ve assembled resources to help you do just that. Got more great tips on selling books to share? Tweet them to us @PickFu!

How to sell more books: book titles

Book titles shape how people think about your book and what they can expect to find within. Below you’ll find resources and guides to help you create the most compelling title for your book.

How to sell more books: book covers

We’ve always been taught not to judge a book by its cover, but let’s face it, that’s exactly how most readers make the decision to learn more about a certain book. We’ve gathered resources to help you design and test the best book cover for your subject matter and target audience.

How to sell more books: book description copy

How you describe your book on sites like Amazon can make the difference between someone clicking Purchase and someone clicking Back. So how do you craft the perfect paragraph to entice readers? Read some of the useful tips below:

How to sell more books: book marketing

Once your book is for sale, how do you get people reading it? The tools and tips below will help you navigate online marketing, social media, and other opportunities to get your book in front of more readers.

How to sell more books: testing

In publishing, you don’t always want to trust your gut. Instead, get concrete answers from potential readers by using testing. Here’s how.

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