Supercharge your consumer research with AI Labs: Your personal poll analyst

Have you ever worked with a really smart and helpful consumer research consultant? If you’ve chatted to our customer success team, you know they’re great at answering questions, helping you analyze your poll, and providing specific and tailored advice to help you optimize your product or service.

We’re really proud of the work we do helping our users so we wanted to scale it. That’s why we’re excited to announce AI Labs, a brand new feature that allows you to talk to your poll and ask it questions. It’s your very own consumer research consultant, included for free with every poll.

In the last few months, we released AI Summary and AI Sentiment, providing game-changing automated AI-driven analysis of your poll. But every poll is different, and everyone is trying to solve a unique problem. With AI Labs, we’re putting the power in your hands to ask exactly what you want, when you want, to instantly find out exactly what you need.

Let’s take a look at a bread-and-butter PickFu poll: optimizing a main image on Amazon, in this case, for a travel coffee pot.

PickFu’s AI Summary and AI Sentiment gave us great insight:

Even though people liked the box in Option B, there were some complaints we can improve on. Let’s explore these by simply asking a question to AI Labs:

Sweet! That provides some good guidance on how to optimize our image even further. We could try separating the box a bit more, changing the color, or adding more relevant information. We know based on our years of consumer research experience helping users that those are all valid strategies for improving our main image, and AI Labs found them for us in seconds. That’s exciting!

Let’s also take a look at another example poll, this time comparing logos for a movie production company:

AI Summary and AI Sentiment provided an excellent overview of the poll along with the main likes/dislikes for each option:

But what do we do with this information? After all, even though it lost the poll, 19 people still preferred Option A. Let’s say we’re committed to redesigning that logo. What could we take from Option B to make Option A better? Let’s ask AI Labs!

Here’s the answer:

Awesome! Based on the responses, even though Option A has a space background, it’s not really coming through in the picture. So we could try making the background stars more visible. In addition, Option B is strongly associated with a sense of nostalgia for all the great movies Orion has been involved with over the years. In the age of remakes, sequels, and franchises, leaning into nostalgia in the font choice could definitely be a winner.


How do I use AI Labs?

After your poll finishes, just navigate to the AI Highlights tab on your results page. AI Labs is available on every PickFu poll published March 1, 2023 or later.

How many free questions do I get per poll?

You get 3 free questions per poll. This will likely expand as we continue to develop AI Labs based on your feedback. In the meantime, if you need more questions for a particular poll, contact our support team.

I’m not sure how to write a question or prompt AI Labs the right way. Can you help?

Sure! You don’t need to be an AI prompting expert to use AI Labs. Our general advice is to just be as specific as possible. Our AI wants to be helpful, so just try to do your best to communicate what you’d like and it will most likely understand..

Is AI Labs available in my language?

Yes, pretty much every language is supported! That’s actually one of the coolest things about AI, auto-translation is supported out of the box. Check this out:

Now, given that AIs are trained on primarily public language data, most AIs at the moment will generally perform best in English, followed by commonly-spoken languages like Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic, and Hindi. For best results, we recommend specifying what language you want the AI to respond in while writing your question.

Here’s another example:

Geoff Bokuniewicz

Geoff Bokuniewicz is a product manager and a resident data wiz at PickFu, developing features that bring market research to the masses. He lives in the nexus between the business, development, and design sides of product creation.