The PickFu Podcast: the power of data-driven visual content with Rafael Veloz of Share It Studio

In the latest episode of The PickFu Podcast, John Aspinall, Brand Evangelist at PickFu, welcomed Rafael Veloz, CEO and Founder of Share It Studio, a creative agency specializing in data-driven visual content for Amazon and e-commerce sellers.

The discussion covered Rafael’s unique journey from law school to filmmaking and ultimately his venture into the world of e-commerce – plus his tips for optimizing creative content on Amazon to increase conversions and sales.

Watch the full episode here, or you can just grab the key takeaways below.

The Share It Studio story

Rafael’s path to entrepreneurship was an unconventional one. After initially studying law, he discovered his true passion lay in filmmaking. He started creating music videos and commercials, working with renowned brands like Nickelodeon and Telemundo.

It wasn’t until a friend’s request for help with an Amazon product listing that Rafael stumbled upon his e-commerce calling. The success of his data-driven approach to visual content creation for that project sparked the idea for Share It Studio.

Today, Share It Studio is an award-winning agency that helps Amazon brands use data to create powerful images, videos, A+ content, graphic design, and more.

The importance of data-driven visual content

At the core of Share It Studio’s philosophy is the belief that visual content should be tailored to the specific product, audience, and market trends. Rafael explained, “We create content that’s shareable. That’s what the name comes from. But, since 2018, we’ve been creating content specifically for the Amazon space.”

Rafael emphasized the importance of using data to inform design decisions, rather than relying solely on aesthetics. “It’s not just ‘pretty content’ but it’s also content that derives from data,” he said.

Using PickFu for audience insights

Share It Studio uses PickFu, a consumer research platform, throughout their process to gather valuable audience insights and test creative assets. Rafael walked through some case studies, demonstrating how PickFu audience feedback helps them refine and optimize their clients’ visual content.

“What we’re doing here is filtering out, right? We’re asking a broad question. The audience gave us a specific answer, and then we’re tailoring that question even more,” Rafael explained.

Here’s one example he shared comparing images for a medical cream for women.

Option C was the clear winner, with respondents’ written comments including:

  • “Option C is a very attractive and balanced image, which suits the product well. We don’t need the photo of the ecstatic woman on the bottle (Option B) or in the image (Option A). Option D seems a less balanced arrangement than the others.”
  • “A and B are horrible, to me. I don’t like the image used, I don’t like the way it looks. It comes off really cheesy. I like C a lot. The focus is on the product and that’s where it should be. With D, I like the image because it shows the back so if you were someone that wanted to read the fine print, you can.”
  • “Option C is the most visually appealing and grabs your attention more right off the bat. It is easier to see and read the product and you get a better sense of what it is and what it has to offer. It has a more professional and advanced look to it that gives you more confidence that it is high quality and would be more beneficial to the user. It doesn’t have a “cheesy” look to it and makes you believe more that it has something positive to offer.”

With that feedback, the Share It Studio team was able to refine the product’s main image further, running another PickFu test featuring a version of the winning image with different copy.

The importance of mobile optimization

One of the key takeaways from the discussion was the increasing importance of optimizing visual content for mobile devices. Rafael noted that while desktop traffic is still significant, mobile usage is rapidly growing, and brands should prioritize creating visuals tailored to the mobile experience.

“We shoot video in a horizontal format for desktop, and in vertical format as well for mobile. That’s what we do because we create content for the Amazon space, but also for social media and for your actual A+ content,” Rafael said.

As John loves to say: “It all starts with the click.” By prioritizing compelling visuals informed by data, brands can increase their chances of capturing that all-important initial click, paving the way for conversions and success on platforms like Amazon.

You can watch the full episode here for more insights from Rafael. Follow our YouTube and LinkedIn pages to catch future episodes – we go live every Thursday at 12pm Eastern with a new guest!

Adrienne Van Niman

Adrienne Van Niman is the content marketing manager at PickFu. She has 7+ years of experience as a writer, editor, and marketer, specializing in content strategy and creation for growing B2B tech companies. Outside of work, she's living the digital nomad life and traveling in an RV with her husband and dog.