Bridging data and intuition: How this growth marketer is using PickFu to help startups grow

This is How I PickFu it, our Q&A series with people who use consumer insights in their work life.

Who: Ashish Kundra

Where: San Francisco, California

What: CEO of Conceptual

Current Mood: 😊

For Ashish Kundra, CEO of Conceptual (a growth marketing agency) and former director of growth at DuckDuckGo, each day is a blend of new challenges and strategic decision-making.

He plays the pivotal role of steering startups toward informed decisions, which he relies on PickFu to help him accomplish.

Join us as we dive into a day of Ashish’s life as a CEO and how he uses customer insights to make decisions on landing pages, products, and more.

Here’s our chat with Ashish:

Who is your core customer?

Our core customers are startups. We partner with businesses ranging from early-stage ventures to companies that have amassed over $300M in funding, to accelerate their growth by managing their paid advertisements.

Take us through a typical workday.

My day kicks off with spending the morning entertaining my toddler. Then, I shift gears to focus on my professional responsibilities:

  • First, a caffeine boost to get the brain juices flowing!
  • Next, I reply to any pending messages from team members and clients on Slack or Notion.
  • Following that, I analyze live campaigns and experiments.
  • I then strategize the next steps, implementing necessary changes.
  • Conversations with clients are essential, so I spend time problem-solving and strategizing with them.
  • To wrap up, I work with my co-founder and team to ensure that our organization is on the right track.

What tools and apps do you use regularly?

In our day-to-day operations, we depend on communication tools such as Notion and Slack. We also make use of various data tools, including internally developed software, Google Sheets, and Looker, among others.

How do you use PickFu in your work? What kinds of things do you test?

We routinely use PickFu for a variety of purposes such as generating ideas for landing page tests, validating hypotheses (for instance, evaluating if listing prices on the homepage bolsters conversion), and conducting general customer research (like understanding the primary hurdles customers face when using a product).

What’s your favorite PickFu poll to run and why?

My go-to poll is comparing two different versions of the same landing page via screenshots. It’s an incredibly efficient way to get quick signal on design preferences.

What do you do while you wait for your poll results?

a) Fix a snack

b) Do a 90-second plank

c) Check my socials

d) Answer emails

Who do you share your poll results with on your team?

We maintain transparency in our team by sharing poll results internally. We also extend this practice to our clients, ensuring they stay updated.

Most surprising thing you’ve learned from your customer research?

Customer research has taught me that it’s very hard to predict the thoughts of a prospective customer. It’s always more effective to use tools like PickFu to directly ask them their opinions.

Weirdest thing you’ve PickFu’d (or would like to)?

Well, there’s nothing particularly odd to share. But I do use PickFu to test potential names for new projects I’m interested in working on.

What’s your superpower?

My superpower is the ability to merge data and intuition to generate actionable insights, especially regarding growth experiments.

What’s your top tip for someone running their first PickFu poll?

For first-time users, I recommend starting with a straightforward task: share an image of your homepage (or provide a link to it) and ask respondents to detail what they like the most and the least about the page or the product.

Your dream job?

Already doing it 🙂


Justin Chen

Justin Chen is a co-founder of PickFu and serial entrepreneur of 15 years. He has a passion for creating automated technology solutions that solve problems people didn't even know existed. Justin holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley and a MS in Engineering Management from Santa Clara University. A firm believer in remote work and work/life balance, he breaks up his work day by shuttling his two kids between school and all their various activities through Los Angeles traffic.