For this brand designer, testing logos is all in a day’s work

This is How I PickFu it, our Q&A series with people who use consumer insights in their work life.

Who: Fernando Echevarría
Where: Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
What: Senior brand designer & strategist at Branded for 1.5 years
Current mood: 😊

Fernando Echevarría, a creative powerhouse at the e-commerce aggregator, Branded, juggles designing innovative visual identities, conducting thorough market research, and making strategic branding decisions daily.

Join us as we delve into Fernando’s daily activities, design process, and his insights on leveraging PickFu for improved brand development.

Here’s our chat with Fernando:

Take us through a typical workday.

A typical workday for me revolves around the birth of new brands. I usually kickstart my day by researching our competitors, referencing trends, and understanding our target consumers, primarily through platforms like Amazon, websites, and social media. This research helps inform the ideation phase, during which I might be working on naming, developing a visual identity, or creating brand guidelines, depending on the status of the brand.

What tools and apps do you use regularly?

As a brand designer, I use a mix of inspiration, planning, and design apps. Pinterest, Dribbble, and Behance provide plenty of creative references for my projects. I then collate this information on a Miro board, creating a comprehensive creative universe.

For design tasks, I utilize the Adobe Suite and some 3D apps, like Cinema 4D, to translate my brand strategy into tangible visual identity assets.

How do you use PickFu in your work? What kinds of things do you test?

I frequently use PickFu to test new logo brands, visual identities, and packagings.

What’s your favorite PickFu poll to run and why?

My favorite polls are the ones where we pit an old design against a new one during rebranding. The insights gained from these tests often offer a wealth of valuable information that can significantly improve our design process.

What do you do while you wait for your poll results?

a) Fix a snack

b) Do a 90-second plank

c) Check my socials

d) Answer emails

Who do you share your poll results with on your team?

After screenshotting the results, I include them in a comprehensive deck outlining the entire testing process.

In case of rebranding, the testing phase can be quite long, often involving around 10 tests to gather all necessary insights and improvements.

Most surprising thing you’ve learned from your customer research.

Interestingly, PickFu users seem to gravitate towards highly saturated and vibrant designs. Color is a crucial element in capturing the attention of our target audience.

What’s your top tip for someone running their first PickFu poll?

Segmenting your audience precisely is key for your first PickFu poll. To do so, define variables that truly characterize your target consumers, such as age, buying habits, or interests.

If you’re designing a logo for a fitness app, for example, focus on respondents who regularly exercise and use similar apps. This ensures that the feedback you get is relevant to your target audience, making your poll results reliable and actionable. This may require additional effort initially, but the valuable insights you gain will be well worth it.


Justin Chen

Justin Chen is a co-founder of PickFu and serial entrepreneur of 15 years. He has a passion for creating automated technology solutions that solve problems people didn't even know existed. Justin holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley and a MS in Engineering Management from Santa Clara University. A firm believer in remote work and work/life balance, he breaks up his work day by shuttling his two kids between school and all their various activities through Los Angeles traffic.