New at PickFu: Templates, your new time-saver

Do you often run the same types of PickFu polls? 

And do you find it tedious having to create each poll from scratch?

Then you’re going to love Templates.

Templates let you bypass our Poll Builder and go straight to poll templates you’ve created based on the polls you run most often.

Think of them as a fast-forward button for the poll creation process. If you’re a frequent PickFu user, Templates will save you precious time.

How to create a Template

There are two ways to create a Template.

1. Start from scratch

Click Templates in your header menu:

This will prompt you to create your first template:

Click Create template, and build a poll as you normally would. Then, click Save template at the bottom of the page:

That’s it. You’ll see all of your saved Templates in your Templates menu.

2. Start with an existing poll

If you’ve built a poll that you want to save as a Template, don’t launch the poll just yet.

Scroll to the bottom of your Poll Builder page and click the three-dot menu.

Now, hit Save template to save it in your Templates menu:

What to do with your Template

You can launch polls directly from your saved Templates.

You can also edit and duplicate Templates, or share them with your team — all with one click from the three-dot menu of each Template:

Try a sample Template

Want to try a Template?

We created this Template for image quality control based on a common poll we see. Feel free to use it for message testing an ad or infographic. All you need to do is upload your image or asset:

(👀 We couldn’t help but run a poll with this Template to test one of our ads; check out the results.)

We think you’ll appreciate the ready-to-run advantage that Templates give you. Send us your feedback and suggestions anytime.

Janet Rausa Fuller

Janet Rausa Fuller (she/her) is the content marketing manager at PickFu. She could live without dark chocolate, but she’d rather not.