Which One Won? Product packaging that sells

When you put in the effort and money to create nice product packaging, why not show it off in your main e-commerce image?

This week, we’ll look at how an item in a classy, high-quality box can attract buyers much better than the item on its own. In a recent PickFu poll, an Amazon seller conducted a split test on 50 members of the general population, asking them to choose between two product photos for a leather keychain.

Option A shows the keychain on a wood backdrop. Option B shows the keychain inside a gift box, resting on the same backdrop.

Can you guess which one won?

And the winner is… Option B, with 34 out of 50 votes. Let’s break down why Option B won and what can we take away from this poll.

Show off your product packaging

A majority of respondents were big fans of the box. Why? First of all, it’s well-made and classy. Respondents thought that the product packaging made the item look “higher quality.” Second of all, if someone is buying the item as a present, the gift box is a huge draw. A beautiful presentation is already taken care of. As one woman put it, “The nice box makes it seem like something I’d be proud to give as a gift.”

The importance of a brand name

The box also adds a piece of crucial information to the picture: the brand name. Brand names add an air of legitimacy to e-commerce merchandise. They make us feel like someone is standing behind a product. They create an element of trust. If a brand name is nowhere to be found on the product or packaging, it conjures the idea of a cheap imitator. Three respondents who picked Option B noted the brand name as part of their reasoning. “Knowing the manufacturer is key when purchasing items online,” one man wrote. “Otherwise, one may be looking at a knock off.”

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Key takeaways

This pollster walked away with two vital pieces of information: shoppers respond to the product packaging and a well-conceived brand name. It would be such a loss if they didn’t think to include that nice gift box in the product photos!

If your product has a nice package, flaunt it. Show your customers that part of what they’re getting for their money is an elegant gift box.

This poll also taught us that the presence of your brand name is important. Try to incorporate it onto the product or box, and don’t forget to make sure it’s visible in the photos.

It’s worth noting that many people who preferred Option A chose it because it offers a closer view of the item. To get the best of both worlds, the pollster could revisit Option B by adjusting the size a bit.

A split test like this one has the potential to unlock helpful insights about your product: use PickFu to create one today.


Madeline Raynor