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K.N. (Kay) Kukoyi leads Purposeful Products, a London-based consultancy to help small business entrepreneurs translate their ideas into commercial web and mobile products.

Recently, Kay interviewed PickFu’s co-founder Justin Chen to get his advice for fellow entrepreneurs. She and Justin discussed how PickFu emerged from a personal need for unbiased feedback, how the business grew, and how it continues to change.

When Kay shared that she intended to include the interview in a book entitled Techpreneur Interviews: What’s it like to run a tech startup, she shared an initial cover design. Justin offered to test the cover design to confirm she had made the right choice.

That same day, in only 33 minutes, her survey was complete. “Wow,” she said. “That was fast!”

The winner (Option B) was Kay’s personal choice as well, but “analyzing the sub-groups threw me a bit,” she told us via email. According to the demographic reporting, she could see higher-income people, African Americans, and people who read 1-3 books per month clearly preferred Option A. “You really need to know who you’re targeting and you would need to decide if you have the courage to go with the ‘loser’ if that appeals better to your target audience.”

“The business analyst in me is coming out!” she remarked. While the reporting segmentation was useful, it was important not to read too much into it. After all, she wasn’t strongly targeting any of these sub-groups. Ultimately, because she wanted her book to have mass appeal, Kay trusted the results and launched Technpreneur Interviews with the winning cover design.

Below are some of the responses Kay received in favor of Option B:

  • “Puts me more in the mental state of giving interviews of my own when I am a successful entrepreneur.”
  • “The mix of microphones on the cover of B makes me feel like the book will have more varied opinions and input.”
  • “Choice B was more inviting – the colors were bright, but not harsh, and the fonts were friendlier. It looked like a more fun book to read.”
  • “Option B implies that there is much more going on and that the content is generally more interesting, simply by the amount of reporters and the broad range of technology applied.”
  • “A/B testing is so useful for getting feedback for prototypes,” Kay said, “and it was such a quick process. Thanks for a very positive experience!”

    Kay’s book is available for free download here. Be sure to check out Justin’s interview in Chapter 2!

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    Kim Kohatsu

    Kim Kohatsu is the chief marketing officer at PickFu and the founder of Charles Ave Marketing. She began her career as a copywriter for several leading ad agencies. While working in advertising, she spearheaded award-winning print, radio, TV, outdoor, and guerrilla campaigns for clients including the California Avocado Commission, AAA, The Orange County Register, The Hilton Family of Hotels, Yamaha, Wienerschnitzel, KFC, and Power Automotive, among others. After several years, Kim shifted her specialty into online marketing, helping tech startups improve their online presence through PPC, SEO, email marketing, reputation management, blogging, and social media. Today, she combines her traditional and new media experience to create and strengthen brands like PickFu. Kim and her team help others use PickFu to write better copy, present products in their best light, and position themselves as market leaders.

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