Which One Won? Testing tagline ideas for your business

The tagline on your website is one of the first things a visitor will see when checking out your business online. The tagline ideas you come up with should be catchy, enticing, and a clear representation of what your business is. 

In this PickFu poll, the entrepreneur wanted to gauge the reaction of a specific audience to two different tagline ideas for a cooking subscription business. The pollster narrowed their respondent pool to those between the ages of 25-44 with an income higher than $60k. 

Option A: Make Cooking Rad
Option B: Cooking’s Fun Again

Which tagline won?  

With 70% of the votes, Option B won over the crowd. There were 35 votes for Option B and just 15 votes for Option A. So why did the second tagline win this poll? We’re going to dive in deeper and give you some tips to use for your own business tagline. 

Avoid using outdated words in your tagline ideas

Out of the 15 votes for Option A, a few respondents mentioned they enjoyed the use of the word rad. “I like Choice A because rad is a fun, lighthearted word. I think this company doesn’t take itself too seriously and might actually make cooking fun,” said one woman. 

However, the responses to Option B show that more people thought rad was awkward and outdated. One woman was very direct with her feedback, claiming she “picked B because A sounded really dumb. Rad sounds like someone trying too hard to copy 1980s speech.”

A male respondent explained that Option B “is something that can appeal to many age groups. The alternative [Option A] is dated, and some people do not even know what rad means.” 

Even though a small number of people enjoyed the playful attempt with the word rad, this poll shows that you must be careful to avoid outdated and off-putting language in your tagline.  

Choose a tagline that represents your brand

When coming up with tagline ideas for your business, keep your brand and target audience in mind. The tagline you end up with should fit into the overall brand and vibe you’re creating. The upbeat yet relaxed tone of Option B made a positive impression on this group of voters. 

The word fun really resonated with one woman, as she “liked the idea that Option B presented, of making cooking fun again!” A gentleman commented they liked Option B because it was “just normal, plain language.” Another gentleman wisely pointed out that “this name is something that can appeal to many age groups,” which is important if there’s going to be a diverse audience. 

Get feedback on your tagline ideas 

If you’re deciding between different taglines for your business, make the decision process easier by running a PickFu poll. In as little as 15 minutes, you’ll have a minimum of 50 honest responses to help you decide which tagline is a better fit. 


Robyn Petrik