Which One Won? Unique business name ideas

The right business name sets the tone for your success. If you choose a catchy name, you’ll immediately attract the attention of potential customers and become a memorable brand. Go with a lackluster name and it will have the opposite effect. Your business will go unnoticed and struggle to gain momentum. But how will you know if your unique business name ideas resonate with customers? 

In this PickFu poll, an entrepreneur asked for feedback on two different names for an online store. Once it opens, the store will sell items made from alpaca wool including socks, sweaters, and blankets. 

Option A: Alpaca Approved
Option B: Alpaca Outpost 

Which business name won?  

Taking 72% of the vote, Option B won the poll. 36 out of 50 respondents voted for Alpaca Outpost, while only 14 respondents went with Alpaca Approved instead. 

Both unique business name ideas are short, similar in length, and catchy at first glance. What gave Option B, Alpaca Outpost, the advantage here? Let’s go through some of the voter feedback to find out. 

Represent your products

The biggest reason Option B won such a high percentage of the vote is that the word outpost reminded respondents of a trading store or outdoor shop. 

One young woman’s response summed it up nicely: “Outpost sounds like a store that sells socks/sweaters/other outdoorsy or warm clothing and accessories. I guess I find “Alpaca Approved” acceptable but I think it is less obvious the kind of things that it would be selling. (Fiber? Yarn? Food for Alpacas?)” 

A young man appreciated the confidence behind Option B, explaining that he “chose B because it sounded more firm and sure of what they have in the store. The store is owning its products by using the word outpost like in a military. It sounded more confident.” 

The feedback for Alpaca Outpost shows how important it is to choose a business name that clearly represents your business and products.  

Find another use for your unique business name ideas

Even though Option A didn’t win the poll, it doesn’t mean the name has to go to waste! Many of the people who voted for Alpaca Approved liked how catchy it was and its alliteration. 

An older male respondent mentioned that even though he really liked Option B, maybe “Alpaca Approved can be the guarantee.” Another man in the same age range suggested the entrepreneur “could always use the Alpaca Approved as a slogan for Alpaca Outpost.”

What a great lesson to learn from these responses! Even if one of your ideas doesn’t take off as a business name, maybe it can be used in another, better fitting way. 

Get feedback on your unique business name ideas 

Finding yourself attached to a couple of different business names and not sure how to decide? Let a real audience make the choice for you! Running your own PickFu poll is a fast and easy way to test your ideas and get real feedback. Try it out for yourself!