Which One Won? A business name you can trust when buying a car

Before consumers shop for a car, they have to find a car dealership. How do they choose? If you’re the business owner, put yourself in their shoes. You’d want to find a place you can trust, one with a professional-sounding business name, right?

In this PickFu poll, an entrepreneur asked 50 people which name they preferred for a used car classifieds website: Car Findings (Option A) or Carz Hut (Option B).

Can you guess which one won?

And the winner is…Option A, Car Findings, with 35 out of 50 votes and a score of 70. Let’s take a look at why respondents preferred it over Option B.

Build trust with a serious name

Some people said Option B, Carz Hut, was “unique” and “catchy.” But most respondents agreed that Option A, Car Findings, sounded more reputable and serious, qualities that are important when shopping for a car.

“I liked [Option] A more because it sounded more professional. This made it seem like the site would be more trustworthy and reliable,” wrote one respondent.

Option B “sounds too much like they are trying to be funny,” said another person who voted for Option A. “I want a serious site when I am looking for a car.”

Others who preferred Option A described it as “generic” and “basic,” but in a good way.

Spelling errors are a turn-off

The misspelling of Carz in Option B didn’t sit well with respondents. Some found it awkward to say. Others said it seemed to be trying too hard.

Carz does not need to be spelled weird. It’s not hip,” one respondent wrote. “Findings makes a lot more sense and doesn’t make me think it’s the car equivalent of Pizza Hut.”

Another said, “[Option A] is simple and straightforward, and concisely but accurately describes the purpose of the website. The use of carz in the other option is pretty cheesy and not appealing.”

Key takeaways for a business name

As this poll makes clear, the name of your business can be a deal-breaker, especially for customers looking to make a major purchase such as car.

The name has to be catchy but also trustworthy. Misspelling part of it, even intentionally, can turn potential customers away.

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