Amazon split testing with PickFu

Split testing is a common method to optimize your Amazon product listings and increase sales. Since there are so many aspects you can test in each listing, split testing can become complicated. We’re going to look at the basics of Amazon split testing and how PickFu polls make split testing easier with reliable results.

What is Amazon split testing?

In traditional Amazon split testing, you experiment with variations of your product listings to see which options perform best. You can test variants like price point, product images, titles, descriptions, design, videos, product add-ons, and more.

A true split test can also be called an A/B test and tests just one variable in two different ways. For example, you test the featured product photo by creating two variants using a different photo in each. By keeping everything else about the listing identical, you’re able to tell which product photo encourages more customers to make a purchase.

How is PickFu different from Amazon split testing?

Tools like Splitly and Listing Dojo automate part of the testing process, but can still take a long time and often come back with inconclusive results. Running your own PickFu polls is a fantastic alternative to split testing software. Let’s look at some of the key differences between split testing software and PickFu polling.

  • When using split testing software, live Amazon shoppers are the test subjects, which means the less successful variants could cost you sales.
    • With PickFu, your test is conducted outside of the Amazon marketplace, meaning you don’t run the risk of losing sales. Respondents are based in the U.S. and paid a small monetary reward for participating in polls.
  • Traditional split testing requires live Amazon listings.
    • PickFu enables you to test different variants before setting up your listing. You can get a sense of what your customers want before committing to inventory.
  • The cost of traditional split testing is unpredictable and can add up quickly. You’ll have to pay for the testing software you use and probably pay for advertising to drive enough traffic to test your new listings.
    • A PickFu poll starts at just $50. You can choose to customize your poll with additional options, but you’ll always know how much it is before running the poll.
  • With split testing software, results can take days or even weeks to complete.
    • PickFu polls finish in a fraction of the time, sometimes as quickly as 15 minutes.
  • The results of split testing can difficult to understand. You’ll receive stats like clickthrough rates, purchase percentages, and abandoned carts, but no simplified reasoning behind them.
    • PickFu requires respondents to share their thoughts on each option in the poll. You’ll receive detailed feedback, understanding why respondents preferred one option over another.

How to optimize Amazon listings with PickFu polls

PickFu polls make Amazon split testing easy and reliable. Like a classic split test, you can use PickFu to test different variants including images, titles, descriptions, and graphic designs. When the poll is complete, you’ll receive straightforward results to use for Amazon optimization.

Step 1: Create your PickFu poll and set variants for testing

The first step in your PickFu poll is setting which variants you would like to test. Split testing with PickFu polls enables you to test one to eight different ideas in a single poll. You set a single poll question and load different images, links, or text.

Step 2: Choose your audience for polling

With PickFu, you can poll 50 to 500 people at a base rate of $1 per response. You can also choose a general audience of U.S. respondents, or narrow it down to reflect your target customer. Available options include males or females, Amazon Prime members, individuals who earn more than $100k per year, and many more.

Step 3: Check out

Once you’ve set the parameters for your PickFu poll, complete the order with your payment information. You’ll see the total cost for your poll, and once you’ve paid, the poll will go live and you’ll start receiving results right away.

Step 4: Receive your voting results and written feedback

As your poll gathers answers, you’ll be able to view incoming results. You’ll see how many votes each option received and the written feedback from respondents. PickFu gives you the option of downloading the results as a CSV, PDF, or a PNG image. From here, you can study the results of your split test and make the appropriate changes to optimize your Amazon listings.

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